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Uncover the roadmap of your soul by decoding your birth chart

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Obtain peace and clarity by exploring your past, present and future

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Restore physical and emotional well-being through energy clearing

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Tina M.

“Immense amount of awareness and insight”

Rich M.

“Literally saved my life”

Michelle S.

“Actually brought goosebumps to my legs”

Recent Writings

How do I know if this is really my intuition speaking to me or my fear? This is a common question I receive when working with clients,...
Monday blessings. Do you feel the shift? Today seems like everything is moving forward again! Jupiter the social planet of expansion, faith and optimism has officially stationed...
Caution: long post but informative. *The original date of this post was back in 2016 but applies just as much today. There are several different terms for...

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