Illuminate Your Soul

A grounded approach to spiritual wellness


Uncover the roadmap of your soul by decoding your birth chart

Intuitive Tarot

Obtain peace and clarity by exploring your past, present and future

Reiki Healing

Restore physical and emotional well-being through energy clearing

Session Experiences

Tina M.

“Immense amount of awareness and insight”

Rich M.

“Literally saved my life”

Michelle S.

“Actually brought goosebumps to my legs”

Recent Writings

December is here and the holidays are upon us! “It’s the most wonderful time of the year”… right?  Well, not exactly, and not for everyone. While this...
Tuesday 11/22 3:20 AM, the Sun shifts from the deep waters of Scorpio and enters the fiery chambers of Sagittarius. Happy Birthday Sagittarius! May you have a...
Tuesday 10/25 6:49 AM ET, we have a Partial Solar Eclipse/New Moon. New Moons represent new beginnings. Technically speaking, the New Moon marks the beginning of the lunar...

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