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2nd Full Moon Goddess Circle – Monday 6/17

Come and join me from 7-9PM, Monday 6/17  for this Full Moon Goddess Circle.  The 1st one last month was a wonderful evening, so we are going to go for it again!  This time, it is on the night of the actual Full Moon in Sagittarius.

Full Moon Goddess Circle

When: Monday 6/17  (In honor of that evenings Sagittarius Full Moon) ????

Time: 7-9PM

Where: Sun Raven, Holistic Living Sanctuary

501 Guard Hill Rd, Bedford, NY 10506

*The event will take place behind the house in the back on the gorgeous property.  You will see a Tippee (you can’t miss it), and this is where we will be.

Plan to arrive about 10-15 minutes early so we can get situated.

*Please note that there is a real fire pit, so dress in clothes that you don’t mind if they smell like smoke, and dress comfortably.

During this two-hour event, I will guide you through a brief grounding exercise.  We will talk about the significance of this Full Moon and Full Moons in general, and everyone will receive an intuitive message, plus more.

I also ask that you bring a pen and something to write with as we will set our intentions and release them under the light of the Full Moon.

If you work with crystals and have a favorite (or a few) that you would like to charge, please bring those as well.

The only other thing I ask that you bring is an open heart. ????

This is going to be an inspiring and uplifting event.  Space is limited so secure your spot here.

More On This Event

Full Moons are feminine and very powerful.  The Moon rules both our emotional body and the flow of our energy.

Under the Full Moon we align ourselves with our hopes and fears, our desires and our purpose.

Each Full Moon brings with it a unique theme and energy according to the sign it falls under and the planetary activity surrounding it.

We will set intentions, as well as release which no longer serves us.

Looking forward to this!  You will receive another email as we get closer to the 20th, but if you have any questions, please email me here.

This will be a beautiful and inspiring evening, and I look forward to seeing you there!

Peace & Love,


Much Love,


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