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Today we are talking about anxiety, and how to cope with it when it strikes.

With the the way the world is these days, anxiety and depression are higher than ever. For those that have struggled with crippling anxiety long before the pandemic days, it has only ramped up. How could it not?

Factor in fear over health of ourselves and loved ones, grief, staying safe, trying to live life, paying bills.

There’s a lot to be anxious over, this is reality.

Most important to remember is that : you are not alone.

Working with as many souls as I do, rest assured that this is a common thread in the larger blanket of life that connects all of us.

Remember: you are not alone.

Many moons ago in my early twenties, I went through a period of really bad anxiety, debilitating in fact. I was having random and massive panic attacks, to the point that I would drop to the ground and shake, convinced I was dying.

I was afraid to leave the house for fear of having one, and went to the emergency room several times over the course of two years, it was that bad.

Due to the stress of these attacks and my frazzled nervous system, I ended up with shingles twice. Naturally, this only served to perpetuate the cycle of my ongoing anxiety.

I was convinced I would never feel ‘normal’ again.

Looking back, I now recognize that I was internalizing immense grief over the loss of a very close friend, and other factors that now make sense but at that time this was the narrative going through my mind: “Why won’t this stop”? “Why is this happening”? “What is wrong with me”? This only made it worse, the berating of myself to be ‘normal again’ and the constant “I’m a strong person damnit, so why is this happening”?

First things first: if you are experiencing anxiety & depression (as the two go hand in hand) make a vow to stop berating yourself.

You are not weak, in fact, I would argue that anxiety showcases strength & intelligence.

Reframe anxiety by thinking of it like this: your system is reacting to stimuli that your conscious mind cannot keep up with.

Acknowledge that it is happening, know that it is normal and ok regardless of what anyone else tells you.

If you have people in your life that are not supporting you, or telling you to ‘get over it’, seriously, tell them to take a hike. You need supportive help, not detrimental sentiments like this.

Create some space there and open up to supportive people, even if online. Trust me, they are out there!

I typically stay away from meds if I can avoid them, so I was determined to beat this naturally- but this is me. Having said that, there is no shame or anything wrong with getting relief through medication!

You always need to do what is right and what works for you! Trust your soul, your intuition.

Here’s something that helped tremendously through that period of my life, and it’s helped others I’ve referred it to as well.

Attacking Anxiety & Depression

Exercise and healthier eating habits help, no doubt about it.

Just cutting back on or cutting out, refined sugar is a huge help.

Watch your alcohol intake, remember that alcohol is a depressant, making you feel more anxious following consumption.

Moving your body every day, a huge help!

Energy gets trapped in the body and it needs to circulate. The energy needs to move to keep our chi (life force energy) flowing. When it gets stagnant or ‘stuck’ it can and often will, create anxiety.

Purchase a hula-hoop, seriously! Grab a weighted one, to make it even more beneficial- you’re welcome 😉. Not only does Hula-Hooping move energy, but it torches calories, bonus!

These days if I get hit with anxiety, I bust a move! Seems counterintuitive if you are anxious and with an increased heart rate/adrenaline, but it works.

Get outside into nature, the fresh air helps, especially cooler temperatures.

Make time to practice conscious breathing every day, several times a day. There are apps that help with this such as ‘Breethe’ or ‘Insight timer’.

When experiencing stress & anxiety, we automatically and unconsciously hold our breath. This only serves to heighten those anxious feelings.

You can go on Youtube and google ‘528 Hertz’ or ‘963’, also, ‘Bineral Beats’. All of these resources are free, and help move energy which instantly shifts your vibration and elevates it.

Meditation is a huge plus, daily. Once it becomes a habit it is easy and quite frankly, difficult to go without.

Zoning out to music with headphones, a huge help.

Beyond what is listed above, when I am anxious or just need to quiet my mind I enlist in “The Three C’s”- cooking, coloring, and crossword puzzles! Trust me, adult coloring books are a Godsend!

These three practices are enjoyable and theurapetic for me, helping me not to think so much.

Find your three c’s (or any letter)! Whatever helps you zone out and focus on something other than the feelings of anxiety.

Check in with, spend time with people that make you laugh, not ones that have you questioning your strength, worth, and sanity.

Talk to other souls that have had, or have anxiety. Again, search for an online support group if you need to.

*I provide energy alignment sessions you may find helpful, here.

You are not alone.

Stay strong, stay safe, stay soulful.

Much Love,


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