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It’s Aquarius Season!

Today, 1/20 the Sun shifts from the earthy and pragmatic sign of Capricorn into the sign of the intelligent and individualistic Water-Bearer, Aquarius.

Whenever the Sun changes signs there is a noticeable shift in the overall vibes, collectively.

Aquarius is a fixed sign (meaning stable, firm and dependable) and falls under the element of Air (mental).  As such, those born under this zodiac sign are typically quite intelligent yet are often ‘my way is the right way’.

Their most positive traits: witty, sharp, kind, unique, loyal.  Aquarians truly strive to make the world a better place, they are humanitarians by nature.  Hard working, intelligent and innovative, precise.

Their most negative traits: stubborn, not too demonstrative with their emotions, aloof, detached, perfectionist.

Under this Aquarian energy, we desire to find a sense of purpose .  To live up to our highest truth.  

Aquarius is ruled by Saturn (serious, hard working) and Uranus (eccentric and wild).  As such, it is a great time to get to work- yet act a little crazy and have some fun as this energy supports hard work and play.

As all planets are also moving forward until 3/22, it is a good time for movement forward!

Easy ways to work with and not waste this energy are:

-Share your gifts!  This is not the time to hide your light or be overly humble.  Don’t be afraid to shine and put yourself out there.  Do not hide your true self.

– Work with others using empathy, but also keep your wits about you and don’t absorb!  Use your common sense and logic.  Remember: Aquarius do not get swept away by emotions.

– Remain open-minded to new ideas and new ways of doing things.  Listen to others opinions as well and you just may find a better way. At least you will find another way 😉

– Be sure to exercise your mind and intellect by engaging in healthy debates and conversations.

– Get involved with a charity or cause that you truly care about.  Doing for others and giving back always feels good!

– Get your ideas/visions out into the world. Do whatever it takes to put them into action.

Enjoy this time and Happy Birthday to all the Aquarius peeps out there!

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