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The Art Of Manifesting, Why And How It Works

Good Morning Friends!

The term ‘manifest’ is thrown all over the place lately, likely leaving some of  us scratching our heads: if it were that easy, then why don’t we have everything we wish for all the time?

You hear it everywhere.  ‘Manifest your dreams’.  ‘Manifest your desires’.  ‘Manifest your perfect house, perfect partner’ (as if there is such a thing as perfect)?! 😉

Guess what though?  This.Shit.Works.  Plain and simple.  The deciding factor though, is the intention behind the manifestation.  That’s right: the more serious and clear you are, the more likely it is that you will create what you wish for, and sometimes in the exact fashion in which you envisioned!  While the universe does not respond to uncertainty, it does respond to purpose and vision, of this I am certain.

The universe is truly an amazing force, and while I won’t go into all of the ways I can prove this,  I’m sure many of you have experienced the awesomeness of the universe as well!

starsmoonIt goes a little something like this- you are scraping pennies all month long and three days before your rent is due you wonder: “How the heck am I going to make rent this month?  I’m $400 short”!  Just like magic the next day you receive a check in the mail from a previous employer for $600- for a retroactive bonus you forgot all about!  You see?  That my friend, is a wink from the universe!   ‘ We got your back, we won’t let you fall’.

The next time you find yourself unhappy about something you ‘wish’ you could change-instead of wallowing in those negative feelings- manifest, manifest, manifest!  Why not? Are you really being productive when you are stuck in a rut?  Ever notice how some people seem to get things effortlessly while others seemingly stay stuck?  It’s all in the attitude.  Point blank: fear breeds more fear, while gratitude breeds more to be grateful for.   Sounds really easy, because it is!


Here are some simple yet effective ways to get manifesting!  You need not get fancy.

Get a notepad that is strictly for manifesting, and a pen for manifesting– my notepad has pink paper, and I use a purple pen, for example.  It is only used for writing down my intentions.  Start with: I wish to manifest “xyz” or something better.  With emphasis on ‘or something better’ because often times we might want something that is not the best for us, although we won’t understand until that ‘something better’ comes our way.  Capisci?

Manifest whenever the mood strikes, but make sure you are calm and centered– this is key.  Light a white candle, turn on a meditation CD (or you tube some music).

Always manifest on the night of the New Moon, as it is most effective- New Moon = manifestation, new intentions, planting seeds, creating a vision, a new cycle, fresh energy.  Why would you not manifest under a New Moon?

Be careful what you wish for, cause you just might get it all, and then some you don’t want!  (are you singing yet? HA).  Seriously though, it’s true.  Don’t ask for more than you feel you can handle!  Really think about your intentions here and why.

I have to mention: please don’t manifest negativity towards another person(s)! This is bad ju-ju, bad karma, and just plain sucks!  OK?  Keep these intentions focused on you and positive growth.

Caution: going on a little rant here!  When people do stinky things to us, believe me  I know how hard it is to just ‘let it go’.  My father (and my faith) from a very young age have taught me that you have to give it up to God, the universe, a higher power.  In time, things take care of themselves without our intervention- of this I am certain!

When you think negatively towards someone, your thoughts have major power.   As much as someone has hurt you, always look at them with compassion.  Acknowledge what they have done, how it has hurt you and why.  But then forgive them and let it go. This works wonders and you sleep better at night.  They don’t have to know you have let it go, and you don’t have to ever speak to them again, but fighting fire with fire is never any good.  Follow the words of our wise friend Buddha here and trust.


Many times I receive emails from clients that tell me all of the predictions I gave have come to pass in their lives after we spoke.  Most things they were surprised about as they forget all about, and didn’t see coming!  These are the people that have their reading, hope for the best, and put it away.  They go back and listen to their recording or look at their notes after time has passed and they have processed.  They are amazed at all that has come true.

Then there are the clients that write me (or tell me the next time I see them) “you told me (insert here) but that never happened”.   These same people will also tell me that other advisors have predicted the exact same things, but they never happened.  While I’m not blaming them, I do always emphasize that when you are so focused on a particular ‘thing’ or outcome, you are actually chasing it away!  You are obsessing, and the universe does not have the space to create for you because you are blocking – and what you are blocking might just be that something better.

Also important to note: free will is always a factor here.  The way you respond (or do not respond) to nudges from the universe, can also greatly alter and affect outcomes and life paths-please remember this!

* Let me be clear- I’m not saying that when something bad happens it is your fault!  I am saying that the way we react has a multitude of power over  what comes next*  

Also important to remember- you have to help yourself as well!  Show that you are serious by taking a step or steps towards what you are trying to manifest, and the universe will respond.  If it does not happen in the nature you wished for, then it is not meant to be and you will see why later.  While it is natural to be upset and dwell on what and why something is not happening, the key here is trust.  Trust in the universe, trust in the unseen and know that there is something better for you !  With trust and faith,  you are creating that space for ‘something better’.   Than carry on and do not dwell.  You will be amazed at the next blessing that will come your way.

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