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Beautiful And ‘Chill’, New Moon In Cancer Today-This Is Our Last New Moon Before We Hit A Chaotic Lunar Cycle!

Today’s New Moon in Cancer is at 10:31 PM EST.

This new moon falls right at home in the healing and sensitive sign of the crab, Cancer. The moon is exalted here (meaning right in its natural element) and there is a calm and nurturing vibe to the energy right now.

cancer moon

We feel warm, cozy and protected under this new moon.  It’s time to look at what, and how we nurture.  How we love, who we love, and what we can do to better ourselves and make things better for those in our environment.

At this time, we are asked to go within.  To pay attention to how we love and nurture ourselves and those we care about.  That is what is most important right now.  Cancer is our ‘mommy’ of the zodiac.  Mothers like to tend to their young, to take care of their nests.

We take stock of what we have and what we still wish to accomplish.  This extends much farther than personal possessions, and is much more about the riches we possess within our selves, our souls.  The abundance inside of all of us, the golden nuggets that make us who we are.  We also look at the golden nuggets inside others as well, and point these things out to them.  This is what we all need right  now, what we all crave. Acceptance.  Praise.  Love.

This is a time to go deep within and get ready for new beginnings.  This is a beautiful new moon with a soothing energy attached.  We feel more relaxed right now, perhaps even a bit lazy and tired.  Honor this feeling and listen to your body.  Dreams are more vivid as well, and you may wake up feeling more tired as a result.

*Both Mars and Mercury are also sitting in the sign of Cancer right alongside this new moon today, further enhancing our emotional juices.  Sensitivity is paramount right now, and some of us are much more poetic and weepy than usual. * Cough 😉

There is just something so natural about the moon when it’s in Cancer.  We feel alive, we feel more centered.  We are more in touch with our emotional sides, yes, but at the same time we are able to process more freely.  There’s less fear of judgment.

We crave togetherness, community.  Explore this, nurture this, tend to this.  Get your plans ready, as the next few months will not harness this bright and beautiful energy in the same way.

                                          Under this New Moon, it is time to heal.

new moon june

Under the new moon is a wonderful time to do some inner-work.  To heal from the inside out.  Get in touch with your intuition as you should be feeling way more in tune at this time.  Cancer is no stranger to psychic impressions and that which is beneath the surface, the unconscious.  Use this time to really check-in with your higher self.  Are you expressing yourself authentically?  Are you honoring your needs?  Are you working towards your goals?  A goal?  Are you pleased with where you are?  

Remember, the sign of Cancer can be very defensive so other things to ask yourself at this time are: do I express my emotions in a healthy way so that others can understand me?  Or am I too defensive, perhaps explosive?  Really go within here, as again, this is where the real treasures reside.

Many of you write to me asking questions about how/which stones to work with, so I’ve included some below.  You’re welcome 😉

Some of my favorite stones to work with at this time of the Cancer New Moon are:

Calcite- for relaxation.  This stone is a pretty pale orange/yellow color, and helps to soothe our emotions, putting us in a more meditative state.  Hold it in the palm of your hand to truly feel the vibrations of this calming stone.

Crocoite- for creativity and passion.  This stone is typically a vibrant orange/red, also representative of our Sacral Chakra-the energy centre responsible for our sexuality, creative life force.  Use this stone to move towards your goals with renewed passion.

Citrine- (one of my staples, I love this stone).  This is a yellow/orange, sometimes gold-ish colored crystal.  This one is all about abundance and manifestation.  Always to be used under New Moon energy.

Azurite- this one is a multi-colored mineral looking ‘stone’- it’s several shades of deep blues and greens.  This one is representative of our intuition, deepening our psychic awareness.  This helps us get more in touch with our inner-compass, helping us to connect more to our heart centre and make decisions that are more in alignment with our true purpose.

*I also always recommend Clear Quartz for protection and purification, and Selenite for angelic protection and closer connection to spirt.   These two are standard*

Stay tuned, as throughout the rest of the summer, the lunar cycle is a little chaotic-consisting of intense and energetic eclipses and Mercury Retrograde just to name a few aspects.  As a result, there will not be this ‘chill’ feeling that we are experiencing right now believe me, so please, pay attention and seriously, enjoy this energy.  Bask in it, revel in it, and get those dreams ready!  Manifest and manifest extra-wisely under this new moon.

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