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A Beautiful New Moon In Taurus Today, Bringing In Fresh Energy- A Welcome Change

This is a wonderful New Moon with some extra manifestation-magic!  The Moon likes to be in earthy and stable Taurus as it is in its exaltation (meaning feeling at home) in the sign of the bull- it is quite a comfy place for the watery Moon.  Aside from that, there are no real tricky planetary aspects surrounding this Moon, even better!  This is one of the ‘sweeter’ moons of the year in the respect that it is supporting us in aligning with people of respect and self-love.  People who help us see things from a higher perspective.  Life is not all about things.  It’s more about experience, taking time to stop and appreciate the beauty around us.  This New Moon is all about making your own luck, following your heart, and abundance.


We spring right into May full of hope and possibility, right along with the slow yet persistent energy of the Taurus New Moon. The month of April has had quite a bit of scattered energy due to all of the retrograde planets we have been experiencing.  The end of this month is bringing in new energy, a breath of fresh air.

This moon is filled with hope, but also reality. Taurus is all about planting seeds in the fertile soil, and then watching patiently as those seeds begin to grow into something stable and tangible.

New Moons are always a time to manifest your desires.  Get clear about your intentions, and the universe will work to conspire in your favor.  *Remember: if you are confused, then the universe responds in kind.  When you are more clear about what it is you wish for, the faster you shall receive.  This is just the law of attraction.   Taurus is a fixed sign, so you should feel much more grounded in your intentions at this time.

Taurus likes slow and steady progress.  Any manifestations made under this New Moon have a level of patience and persistence attached.  At this time, we have a better idea as to who we are, where we are going, and what has been and more importantly, has not been working for us.  With this knowledge, we have a much clearer picture as to where we we would like to be.  Use this New Moon energy wisely- stay grounded, stay loyal and stay true to who you are.   Be patient, be humble and stay very well aware that all good things take time.  As long as you are doing your soul work, and taking the steps no matter how small- you will get to where you wish to be.  Don’t be afraid to do the hard work now as no risk means no reward.


What to do on the night of the New Moon:  Taurus is ruled by Venus and is all about the five senses: touch, taste, hearing, sight and smell.  If weather permits, go outside and sit down somewhere and unwind, get grounded.  (If you don’t feel like, or are unable to go outside then stay indoors- it works just as well just make sure you are present)!  Put on some light music or nature sounds, light a candle, light some sage, eat a piece of chocolate.  Do something that makes you feel good.  Then just write from the soul: what do you wish to manifest in your life?  Peace?  A new job?  The ability to let go of an old behavior or habit?  A new home with a big yard?  Be descriptive!  There is no right or wrong here.  Take as long as you need.  When you are finished, you can burn it (my preference) or keep it somewhere safe to look at it in the future.  *Then cleanse- a sea salt bath works wonders here, but not necessary.

If you wish to get fancy, you can even use some essential oils and/or crystals.  For essential oils,  Sandalwood is great for opening the third-eye, and Vanilla is very soothing. For crystals, Emerald is my favorite as it’s the birthstone for the month of may, but also a beautiful stone of compassion that represents the heart chakra.  Sodalite is another good one…this pretty blue/white stone is wonderful for expressing yourself as it represents the throat chakra.  Sodalite also aids in opening ones intuition.  Clear Quartz and Hematite are always good stones to have around for grounding and clearing as well.   That’s it!  Happy New Moon and Happy Manifesting!

Much Love,


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