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Bold, Beautiful & Bountiful New Moon In Magical Leo Today….

Happy Sunday And Happy New Moon!

As you know, the Sun moved into Leo yesterday.

Today, the New Moon is also in Leo as of 5:45 AM EST.  Double fire = Double action!


Along with the Sun and the Moon, both Mars and Mercury are in Leo as well.  There is a lot of fire energy right now, summoning all of us to stoke the fire within and move towards our passions and goals.  This is a high energy time.

This moon also carries with it a lot of Mars energy.  It’s time to really move into your heart and your soul. Open your heart, and embrace all that lights you up.  Have courage, have faith, learn to take breaks when you need them, get out and have fun.

Holy inferno of energy- Mars is our most active planet requiring well, action and passion and it is now also, in Leo!   Then we have it conjunct Uranus- our planet of electricity and the unexpected.  Anything can happen under these influences and you may find yourself amazed at the ‘coincidences’ that may occur at this time!

Shake-ups occur.  Plans go awry.  This is Uranus.  Rather than get upset, simply say “plot-twist”, and move forward.

Take extra caution while driving and while using any electronics, as with such strong Mars/Uranus energy, it will be easier for accidents to happen in regards to these areas. Forewarned is forearmed and being a little more conscious never hurts us.

Also important to mention: planet mercury is in a trine to planet Uranus right on top of the North Node.  In astrology, the North Node is where we are going in this lifetime- our ‘karmic path’, if you will.

Pay attention over the next few days as the universe will be sending messages and nudges about where we should be going, what our next moves should be.


Make no mistake, there are lots of golden nuggets to be found under this New Moon. This New Moon is the one that officially kicks off eclipse season!  This is the first of two New Moons in Leo- rare enough!  The second one being our total Solar Eclipse on 8/21.

Pay attention to events that occur over these next two weeks, as this will give us some clues as what to expect around the time of the Solar Eclipse on 8/21.

*We also have a powerful Lunar Eclipse/Full Moon in Aquarius on 8/7*.

In order to be prepared for the influx of this energy, it’s best to stay in your most authentic space.

This is the key, to go with the flow and you will land on your feet.

There is magic in the air with this promising New Moon, so get those intentions ready.

This is a dynamic New Moon as it is 0 degrees, the Magicians number!  Anything is possible, manifestation is magical at this time.  ‘Be careful what you wish for’ really applies now more than ever.

Work with fiery stones at this time such as Ruby, Crocoite, Garnett, Citrine.  These are all for manifestation and abundance.

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