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Cancer New Moon ???? 7/20

Monday 7/20 1:33pm EST we will experience our second (2nd) New Moon in the water sign of Cancer.

A New Moon marks the beginning of the lunar cycle, the movement of the moon through its different phases.

New Moons are a time of new beginnings.  The beginning of a new cycle, a time to initiate plans and projects, get things moving, a fresh start.  

Abundance surrounds this energy.

New Moons are auspicious times filled with promise and opportunity.

The Sun aligns with the Moon in the sky when it’s a New Moon meaning that they are in the same sign –Cancer.

As the second New Moon in a row (rare within itself) and sitting directly opposite Saturn and Pluto, this Moon feels more like a Full Moon.

There is an emotional tension that is present, as we climb uphill toward our goals.

Perseverance (Saturn) is everything while we strip away the garbage (Pluto) that is weighing us down as we attempt to ascend.

This time period has all of us longing for home.  The place where we feel safe, loved, respected and nurtured wherever that may be.

First, we must love ourselves warts and all.

It is highly probable with this energy, that we are called to go inward , to go as far back as childhood and get to the root of it all….our roots.

Purge is the word that is most significant during this lunation.  Think about how cathartic and good it feels to clean house, to purge our space.  Home, car , work, etc.

This purge is different ???? this is a soul purge and as much as it can hurt; this is where the true healing begins.

Mars conjunct Chiron with this Moon cycle is showing us that we are all our own healers.

The medicine is really in the wound.

Use this potent energy to set plans for where it is you would like to go next, what it is you are shooting for.

Slow and steady wins the race and with Saturn so strong right now?  Remember: nothing worth having is ever easy BUT the hard work gets you the reward.

Go a little deeper with me with this energy in the video below.

Much Love,


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