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Cancer Season Is Here…Happy Summer Solstice!

Today/tonight Sunday 6/20 as of 11:32 PM EST, the Sun will officially leave restless Gemini and take residency in the emotional water sign of Cancer.

Happy Birthday Cancer babies, it’s your time to shine!

Speaking of shining: Cancer season also initiates the season of Summer in the Northern Hemisphere (and winter in the Southern Hemisphere). This marks the Summer Solstice, the longest day of the year! This solar energy brings with it a sense of hope and optimism, the promise of brighter days ahead.

Spiritually, the Summer Solstice is a passage of time to be celebrated.

The Sun shines brightest , and we bask in the warmth provided naturally. We are one with the Sun, and we can feel our lives reaching some sort of turning point with this energy.

Cancer is a cardinal sign, cardinal meaning it initiates. In fact, all of our cardinal signs initiate a season. Cancer calls in Summer, Libra, the Autumn Equinox, Capricorn is the Winter Solstice, and Aries initiates the season of spring, with the Spring Equinox.

As a water sign, Cancer is an emotional sign. Ruled by the Moon, and the Moon changes signs every two/two-and-a half days, this sign can be quite moody!

Cancer more than any other sign is quite connected to their family, their roots. Whether this is family of origin or chosen family, there is always much in the way of family ties for these folks.

Over these next few weeks , you may notice that the collective energy is much more emotional. You may find yourself extra sensitive and touchy, or just completely withdrawn.

Honor where you need to be, allow yourself to feel your feelings, truly.

Much like the Crab that represents this sign, at times we must withdraw back into our shell to heal, to grow, to regenerate. Other times we discard our shell, shed our skin, and grow a thicker one.

Renewal, transformation, acknowledgement and emotion are key words for Cancer Season….and family.

Our relationships at this time can feel extra intense, heated even and this can swing either way…but more on that as we get towards the Full Moon.

For now, let’s turn our faces toward the Sun’s energy and enjoy the warmth.

Happy Father’s day to all of the Dad’s, Uncle’s, Grandfathers, and Father-Like figures out there, both here and in spirit.

Much Love,


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