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The Common Cold- Mind, Body, Soul Connection

As I am home nursing a horrible cold/sinus infection, I wanted to discuss this topic- the common cold.

It has been said that colds are caused by viruses.  When/if your immune system is not as strong, you will likely catch a cold.

You will hear that the best ways to keep the common cold at bay are to load up on Zinc and Vitamin C, and get adequate sleep.

So how come it can seem your immune system is strong enough, and then all of a sudden you get hit like a ton of bricks with a wicked cold?  Why is it that sometimes our system is strong enough to fight and other times, despite our best efforts, it is not?

Simply stated, it is because every physical issue stems from an emotional and mental component.

It is not a coincidence when you catch a cold.

Common colds are linked to conflicts and emotional issues in our lives.  Situations that overwhelm and/or stress us out, break us down over time.  Your mind and your soul are speaking through your body saying “This is awful, I’ve had enough”.  “I’m overwhelmed , I Need time off”.

Louise Hay in her book “Heal Your Body” points out that upper respiratory illnesses are related to “too much going on at once, mental confusion, disorder, small hurts”.

Sinus issues are an “irritation to one person, someone close”.  This is true- whenever I have sinus issues, I am angry and upset with somebody-or with myself.  When this happens, ask yourself if you are upset, and are you repressing your feelings?

Sore throats can be related to “Holding in angry words, feeling unable to express the self”.

Mucus and tears (as gross as this is) are both ways of releasing pent up emotions.  So- if you have a bad cold, check yourself and see if there is some anger present.  Is there some crying or grieving that you need to do?  Are you repressing deep feelings?  Pushing them to the side?  

The answer to your illness is likely found in the above questions.

As the cold progresses and you flush everything out, the healing phase is in effect.  Unfortunately, this is when you feel your worst.

Keep in mind though, that if the conflict is not resolved it will only resurface again at a later date, so do take care of yourself mind, body, soul.

I myself, am learning the hard way that you cannot do everything and be everything to everyone.  This leads to breakdown.  I have had to cancel/reschedule clients as I have no voice and my head is so stuffed up.  That stinks.   I have not been able to exercise at all which is driving me crazy, or even worse, I have not really been able to eat anything other than soup – but I’m trying not to beat myself up.

I am learning to honor this healing process, to be present, to be with myself and make modifications where necessary.  We only have one body and we must take care of it.  Look at getting sick every now and again as a blessing.  Take that time to really go within and look at the heart of the matter.

Sure, go to the doctor and get a check-up but make sure you also give yourself a soul check-up.

I am actually grateful that I’ve been sick- it has taught me to sleep longer, to lay low, to not use too much energy, to reflect.  But I am also ready to feel better and get back to life.  Having such low energy right now is making me that much more grateful for my health.  For the ability to breathe, to exercise, to drive, to help others.  We need these little reminders every now and again.

I printed this out and have been keeping it under my pillow, along with an arsenal of healing crystals, naturally 🙂

Oh, and if anyone wants to bring me Chicken Soup, that’s cool too 😉

Love & Light,


Much Love,


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