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Now more than ever , connection is a major theme in our lives that is highlighted.

As I write this we are right at the precipice of the next Full Moon which is in Libra, the sign of partnership, relationships with others.  Most important, the relationship to self.


Too much or lack of?  Only you know but as souls here having a human experience?  I know this for certain…..

The one thing we all desire deep down is true, pure authentic connection.

Not just any connection(s), but soul deep with other souls that get it.  Ahhh…doesn’t it feel good when you just gel with someone?

Doesn’t it feel fantastically freeing when you can say what’s on your mind and in your heart without feeling judged?  Or when you and others think the same, perceive the same?  It won’t always be the same, but you get them and respect them anyway…that’s connection.

Sure we are all so different, but you know deep down when you connect with someone because you feel it and that’s the point: to feel connection.

Yet, as much as we all truly desire deep connections, we have ingrained barriers to true intimacy.  We may (unconsciously or consciously) fear allowing ourselves to truly be seen.

Therefore sometimes we stay in connections that keep us feeling disconnected. 

Think about this!

We say we want it, heck we even will throw the blame on others when we feel the walls that are erected, invisible (or visible) boundaries that are placed.

C’mon let’s be honest here… many times have you caught yourself thinking or saying statements like these:  “If only he would let me in I could help him”.   “If only she would tell me why she’s upset we could resolve this”.

Statements like the above only serve half the story.

The other half my friend,  is you, is us.

Hold up the mirror…I guarantee if you sit with it you can recognize why you have drawn in connections with these barriers.  These barriers to connection that supposedly are from the other side are really a mirror reflecting back to us what needs to be transformed and healed so that we can connect.

What allows us to be seen and what allows us to connect is….vulnerability.  To be vulnerable is to be brave.

The reality is no matter how evolved you are , how enlightened you are, I guarantee somewhere inside of you there are walls you’ve built.  It’s human nature, it’s protection.

All of us have an innate desire to be loved unconditionally. We enter relationships hoping that the other person or people will fill that need.

Ok, now I bring it to astrology, I just have to… keep reading…..

We all come here with an innocence, a clean slate.

Most important is that we all desire to be loved unconditionally, to be loved and accepted for who we are.

Here’s where it gets messy.

Our parents came here with that same need, as did their parents.  This need was rarely if ever honored, and not out of malice but out of lack of conscious awareness of the individual.

Every soul here gives and receives love in a unique manner.

No two souls are the same!  No two children hear and feel love the same way, not each parent shows love the same.

Somewhere along the lines, conditional love takes over due to unconscious conditioning. 

“You can have that if you sacrifice this”.

“Don’t do that or I will have to take this away”.

Most times it’s done unconsciously, where it’s felt but not said.

Intentional or not because hey,  I like to think our parents had us with the best intentions, and their’s did too, right?

Regardless of personal circumstance, from a very young age we received messages regarding connection and intimacy that have been passed down and replayed through our lineage.

*Don’t believe me?  Have your birth chart decoded.

These messages , these unconscious behaviors that supposedly protect us, have shaped us and our capacity to love others and to let love in.

All forms of love!   Romantic, friendly, family.  All connections.

Let’s also factor in our own unique, energetic blueprint…..our astrological chart, the roadmap of our soul.

Nature versus nature….we cannot all feel and receive love the same way.  Scientifically, we cannot.

We are all hardwired to act out in specific ways which is why we need to be consciously aware of our energy!

If you would like to dive deeper into connection, into your heart, I  have a few book recommendations that may be of help.

Non ‘woo-woo’ books

  1. The 5 Love Languages by Gary Chapman *This book will highlight your love style and your partner (if you have one).  Either way, a very helpful book.
  2. The Seven Levels Of Intimacy by Matthew Kelly *This one is excellent and highlights the ways we crave intimacy, yet avoid it.

Semi ‘woo woo’

  1. The No Loss Relationship by Bobby Woods *This read helps to recognize where we go wrong with expectations.  A very spiritual book about what we bring into our relationships, and how to shift it with awareness and communication.

Lisa’s ‘woo woo’ picks (notice this list is longer, ha).

  1. When Two Souls Connect, The Real Soul Mate Story by Steve Gunn *This book takes you through the journey of several deep, transformative soul connections
  2. Journey Of Souls by Michael Newton. *This book highlights a therapists journey with patients into past lives.  Very cool and a deep read if you are into past life regression, etc
  3. Astrology, Karma And Transformation by Steven Arroyo *This book is all about the inner dimensions of the birth chart, speaks a lot about family karma and what we come here with.  Great read for anyone that is new to astrology and has a desire to learn more about it.
  4. The Astrology Of Fate by Liz Greene *Another great astrology book that goes into depth about how some connections, truly are fated to take place and transform. (If you are not into astrology I would not start with this book).

I could give many more book recommendations, but there’s just a small list.

As always, if you would like to take a deep dive into your soul, to journey into your love nature check out my astrology consultations here.

“Learn your chart know thy heart”.

Read what others have said about their experience here.

Peace & Love,


Much Love,


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