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Cyber Monday Deals! Don’t Forget To Get Your Gift Certificates For The Holidays….

I am offering some great deals for Cyber Monday, this week only!

Reiki 5-Pack is majorly discounted, and all other consultations are 20% off when you purchase this week, until 11/30.  You do not have to schedule the session(s) now, they can be for in the future, but the discount code will only be valid until 11/30.

For my Reiki Clients you know this is a sick deal and I hope you take advantage of it!  For those that have not yet experienced a Reiki session, this is a great way to get started.

I have not offered this before, so if you have ever wanted to learn more about this subtle yet profound form of energy cleansing/healing, now is the time to take advantage and try it out.  Trust me, you will want to use all five sessions.

One Reiki session lasts about 45 minutes and costs $90.

I am offering a 5 pack for $250.  That breaks down to $50 per session, so you are saving $200!

The purpose of me doing this at such a discounted rate this one-time only is so that you can truly experience the healing benefits of what Reiki is all about.  While sure, having one session a year can still be helpful, buying a five-pack ensures that you will at least get five sessions in!

There is a one-year expiration limit from date of purchase, and you will receive a code upon purchase that you will use each time you schedule your session online. You have one full year to use all five sessions.

To learn more about Reiki, and/or to purchase the 5-pack, please click here, and look for the Reiki-Bundle under the Gift Certificates Session.

Also 20% off ALL consultations, including Astrology Chart Reads! Read the most recent chart testimonial here or as I call it, The Blueprint of the Soul!

When booking, just enter the code CYBER in all caps under “Redeem Gift Certificate, Coupon Or Package” and the discount comes off automatically on all sessions.

Note: For Gift Certificates, enter the code GIFT in all caps under “Redeem Gift Certificate, Coupon Or Package”.

Peace & Love,


Much Love,


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