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Dreaming About Loved Ones Who Have Passed On🕊

One of the strongest ways your passed loved ones will connect with you, will let you know that they are ok, is by visiting you in your dreams.

I have been blessed with these visitations many times and no matter how often they happen, I am always in awe.

As expected, when you are completely defenseless and unguarded (asleep) these thoughts, these loved ones, will turn up in your dreams because this is how they can get to you .

Most of us do not walk around in a meditative state.  Furthermore, we are bombarded with outside stimuli that keep us preoccupied and in constant motion.

We miss many signs from our passed loved ones, angels and spirit guides this way.  They cannot get through to us if we have too much noise in our mind and hearts.  

I know what many of you might be thinking in regards to dreaming of the deceased , so let me clarify.

A lot of times, we dream of those that are gone from the earth plane.

Sometimes these dreams are very fragmented, and simply do not make any sense.

Logically when we miss someone we think of them and naturally, the subconscious stores this.

These are not necessarily visitations, but quite simply, dreams.

There is a difference between dreams and visitations, yes.

Now, what about those dreams, those vivid ones where you can feel, taste ,touch and smell every detail?

Where you wake up feeling as if you were truly there, truly experiencing this energy exchange, this time with your loved one that has passed?

In these dreams, they say something specific to you, give you a message that you need at that exact moment of your life.  Perhaps they give you numbers, signs, an answer that does not make sense at the time but always will later.

For those that have experienced this, you know what I am referring to!

These are real, these are visitations and you should cherish them.

If you felt it, it was a visit – plain and simple.  These are the ones that you will never forget, and years later, they can still move you to joy and tears.

Believe me, you will know the difference.

One of my favorites that I will share with you.

My maternal Grandfather passed away when I was just three -years old.

I have zero memory of him sadly, yet through out my life I have always felt a distinct void when it comes to him.  Like I truly missed out on my time with him, because I have always heard stories about how funny and amazing he was and how much he loved his ‘girls’.

Well…..about fifteen years ago ( yes that long ago and I still remember every detail), Grandpa Jimmy visited me.

In my ‘dream’, I was sitting outside on my Uncle’s front steps playing with pennies and dimes. *Important to mention that at this particular point in my life, I was in between jobs and very concerned about finances.

All of a sudden I looked up and there was my Grandpa Jimmy with this HUGE smile on his face, walking towards me with a wad of dollar bills in his hand.

It was like he appeared out of nowhere. I can still feel the awe I experienced at seeing him.

He was wearing a white polo shirt and khaki pants (Grandpa was an avid golfer back in his day, and was dressed this way in the visit).

I could actually FEEL his smile, and I FELT my shock and my happiness at seeing him.  Every detail of this ‘dream’ is still etched out in my mind and in my soul.  It was so real.

Again: when you FEEL in the dream and can recount it, it is a visit. Do not question this!

Grandpa walked towards me, did not say a word, just took my hand and off we went.

We walked everywhere, talking and laughing and ‘catching up’, if you will.  I told him a corny joke which I will spare you the length of here, and he laughed and said “that’s my Lisa”.

I could feel the joy.  It felt so good to connect with him, he really knew me!

We ended up at PathMark Supermarket ( do those even still exist?) in the Bronx.  We were recycling bags upon bags of bottles for coins, all the while just talking and laughing hysterically. *Also important to mention that the wad of cash he had been holding was never seen again.  

At one point, I looked up at him with this overwhelming sadness and said “Grandpa, don’t you have to go back now”?  To which he looked down at his watch, (yet he was not wearing a watch) then looked back at me and said “Nah, I still have some time”!  And away we went back out into the street to walk again.

I could keep going about this , but will leave you with these sentiments.

Over the next few days, I relived this visit over and over, it just felt so good.

I knew Grandpa had truly spent some time with me, and oddly, it lifted that void I had felt for years about missing out on my time with him.

This dream made me so happy, I can’t even explain it.   He knew I needed that at a difficult, and transitional time in my life. 

Final interesting tidbit: I debated telling Grandma (who was still with us until 2020) about this dream because I was not too sure how she would react.  But in true Lisa fashion, I followed my gut and told her the whole dream.

You won’t believe what she said.  Well, maybe you will.  First of all, she cracked up laughing and said ” he used to go cash in those G%^ Damn bottles every Sunday morning for two hours straight”.  I never knew that, no one had ever told me this.

Guess what else I found out from Granny?  He cashed them in at PathMark (the supermarket in the dream), and that dream I had occurred on a Sunday morning, the mornings Grandpa would cash the bottles in!

Coincidence?  I think not. 

Grandpa, no doubt in my mind and heart, was truly with me that day/night.

I also took from that dream, due to the money references my cheesy joke telling and his comment “That’s my Lisa” that:

1)  I was going to be ok financially

2) it was time to start being more frugal (cashing in bottles for money)

3) I would have to work for it but the finances would improve (he never handed me the money in this dream, and from what I was told he was known to do that)

4) most importantly: Grandpa knew me.  Which was always such a sad thought for me, that he didn’t know me.  But through this dream a.ka. ‘visit’- I realized that Grandpa knew my heart, and love truly is eternal.

They (our loved ones) truly feel us and see us and all of who we are, even when they are no longer with us physically.

Most heart felt and important take-away from this experience that I would like to share with you: our loved ones never truly leave us. 

We may not be able to see them, but if we listen close enough, if we ask them for a sign, I promise you will feel them.  They always want to help and assist us on our journey here how and if, they can.

On the other side of the coin (no pun intended)- do not get discouraged if you have been asking for, and not receiving signs.

A lot of times pain and grief can be so debilitating and strong, and we just cannot feel or see anything beyond that.

Often times, we need to go through certain things on our soul journey here and our loved ones cannot step in, because we need to learn on our own.  However, if they are able to assist, they will.

In these cases, don’t ask for an answer, just ask them to let you know they feel you.

One way to increase the chances of receiving a ‘visit’ like this, is by simply asking for it before you fall asleep, but the trick is not to be afraid.

Your loved ones will never want to frighten you!  Ask them to show up for you in a way that won’t make you uncomfortable, in a way that you will recognize.

Secondly,  you can get yourself a nice piece of Amethyst (purple)  and/or Celestite (blue) crystal.  Put these under your pillow to increase the odds of ‘sweet dreams’ such as the one I described above.  *Amethyst helps to keep you in a deep, comfortable sleep and fights insomnia, while Celestite is a very pure and angelic stone, helping to connect you to the spirit realm.

Tell me, have you had visits and/or strong signs of a loved ones presence?  Leave your comments below.

Peace & Love,


Much Love,


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5 years ago

Hey Lisa !

So heart -felt! I loved this!! No, there arent anymore Pathmarks in The Bronx, but I do remember them back in the day!
Thanks for sharing :))

I’ll see you soon xoxo

Hilary Haggerty | Tarot by Hilary

This is wonderful and so true of visitations from spirit in dreams. You can’t explain it but it’s that FEELING… so real and so vivid.

I had a sign from my dad yesterday that I was not expecting. I went for a walk looking for the first signs of spring, and I noticed I hadn’t seen ANY snowdrops (trust me, I was looking!). So I asked, “Dad if you’re with me, show me snowdrops.” Within a SECOND, I saw a cluster of snowdrops.

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