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Eclipse Message For Each Sign

Today 6/10 is the Annual Solar Eclipse, New Moon in Gemini.

I am certain we are all feeling the winds of change, the energy of movement within us and outside of us. Stagnancy is energy as well!

Which way will that go? For each of us this feels and will be different.

Think back to where you were emotionally, physically and spiritually-at the Eclipse we experienced on 11/30/20.

Look back and reflect upon what was happening in your reality at that time through Mid-December. This Eclipse is connected to that time period, perhaps another piece of that story.

Remember that what occur(s) around Eclipses is happening around the Nodes of Fate, so stay aware of the higher purpose or callings you experience/feel.

Eclipses are usuually not an ‘all-reveal’ but rather a piece of a puzzle, a passage from the book…a story to be continued.

An Eclipse season technically spans over 35 days , spiritually speaking it lasts much longer. Again, different for all so you need to look to your own chart, your own soul to investigate this language of light.

Below are your horoscopes for 6/10-6/30.

*Please be sure to read your rising sign if you know it, as you may find you connect more to that.


Aries Sun/Rising: you are attracting all of the power players needed to help you achieve your goals but you must stay highly aware of how you are communicating with those in positions to assist you this goes for professional and personal. You can have the tendency to come off rude while simply trying to be what you always are: direct. You have the gift of gab and allies on your side right now…use this wisely! Your daily routines may seem stale so why not try a new workout routine or start taking the scenic route home or to work. These little things will shake it up for you Aries.

Taurus Sun/Rising: the way you make money and the way you spend it are coming into high focus during this time. Your personal values are shifting and your desire to have quality over quantity is overwhelming. As such you are attracting your soul tribe that you’ve been seeking. While you may be succeeding in one or more areas of life, you are also recognizing the need for comfort without going overboard. You don’t need that much to be happy Taurus. Stay humble and true which are two of your strong points and you attract all you need.

Gemini Sun/Rising: you may find yourself hungrier than usual at this time, Gemini. Not just physically but emotionally and spiritually. Your desire to connect with like minded souls is strong and your ability to connect with others intellectually is even stronger. Normally someone with your hands in several jars, this time period finds you more inclined to focus on the needs of the physical body as you are recognizing where your vitality could use a boost. Starting a cleanse or new vitamins may be helpful. You may be asked to take center stage in some area…are you ready?

Cancer Sun/Rising: you are more emotional than usual so honor your need for solitude. You are unpacking a lot of psychological ‘stuff’ and this can feel disarming as needs from long ago you may not even have been aware of are coming up to the surface. You can feel as if you are all alone and that nobody truly gets you. This may be the time to make that phone call to that friend or family member, or talk therapy with a professional to help you through this time period. Remember: the people in your life are not mind readers and you don’t need to suffer in silence. Cancer this too shall pass.

Leo Sun/Rising: you are always charismatic and magnetic whether you try to be or not. Right now you are being noticed and sought after. Your friends are calling and groups you are a part of are looking for your input. This is an especially potent time for any charitable/creative work that you have been working on. Karmically it has been noted and blessings are coming. Planet mars is in your sIgn now Leo, infusing you wIth extra energy to shine even brighter, if that’s possible!

Virgo Sun/Rising: during this time period you are caught up between wanting to forge ahead with projects and/or contracts but you are literally blocked and it feels frustrating. Your status may be changing so accept the process as it unfolds. As much as you want to take control and get it all done virgo, you are being asked to step back and look at the bigger picture. Always one for details, you are well respected and don’t want to taint anything by acting out of impulse and haste. This is divinely guided so don’t force, but flow.

Libra Sun/Rising: right now there is a situation that is demanding an answer from you and it feels quite time sensitive. Always wanting to be fair you are trying to maintain the space between what’s right for you and what’s right for other(s). The only thing I will say here is that truth is the most important piece. What is done with honesty from you is what will work regardless if there is short term pushback from others. Libra, you’ve been wanting to expand your horizons for awhile now and it’s time for change…travel is a strong possibility with teaching and writing favored.

Scorpio Sun/Rising: are you feeling the heat? Lot’s of financial agreements/arrangements are under scrutiny for you. It may be best to wait a few more weeks before making any final financial decisions..unless the road ahead is clear? Hold off as more information will come to light shortly and you will feel more confident. Pain is here to teach you at this time so allow yourself to acknowledge your emotions around grief and loss. If you are feeling the need to reach out to someone and express how you feel it’s your souls way of letting go so do will grow from this.

Sagittarius Sun/Rising: your partnerships and intimate relationships are in question. Deep down you have been struggling with feelings of low self-worth in specific connections both romantic and platonic. You are working out power dynamics. Where you have been perhaps commanding or controlling with others is being pointed out to you. Don’t take offense to it, as you will also feel inclined to speak out against others you feel are trying to control you. Clear the air as cordially as you can

Capricorn Sun/Rising: a hardworking creature of habit you are Capricorn and this time period is no exception as you are feverishly working to complete something. Whether a personal or professional goal it is time to pull back a little. It will all get done eventually. This energy has you feeling drained and depleted and taking care of the physical body should be priority. Sleep may be hard to come by so do what you can to wind down early. Notice the symptoms of burn-out before the physical body manifests it. Vitamin C, fresh air and Zinc are your friends.

Aquarius Sun/Rising: a fertile time for you as your creative juices are flowing. This is time to write that book or begin the publishing process. Children may be a strong point of focus during these next few weeks for some while for others, the desire to be more playful is pronounced so honor it and get out and have some fun! Connect to your inner child. You may also find yourself nostalgic over loved ones and childhood memories. You may be extra emotional than typical for you aqua. It is ok to cry, tears are cleansing.

Pisces Sun/Rising: moving or rearranging your environment feels good right now. You desire fresh spaces and even fresh faces so allow yourself to thrive on new opportunities as they come. Female family members are in high focus as you reminisce on the past and contemplate old family stories. There is comfort in the familiar Pisces however, you are recognizing the beauty of swimming in unfamiliar waters. Your connection to the old narratives of your life are shifting. You are ready to move..potentially more ways than one as you are redefining what feels secure.

Much Love,


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