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The Energy Of The Current Retrogrades ????


How is everyone doing?

The energy is ramping up as May continues.

In some ways we are lightening up yet energetically it can feel uncertain, heavy even.

We are currently under four retrograde planets, three of them switching their position over the span of six days…..that is a lot of planetary activity!

If you have been feeling extra tired, lethargic, edgy, cranky, giddy and/or just all over the damn place..aside from everything else going on in the world?!  Yes it’s these retrogrades.

Pluto,  Saturn, Venus and Jupiter…all retrograde.

When planets station retrograde, they get louder and more active.

We are called to go inward; to retreat, revise and revisit our behaviors and our structures.

Reset, restructure, reemerge once the planets station direct.

Pluto retrograde 4/25-10/4– prepare to take a trip to the underworld!

Visit the basement of your psyche and your soul, don’t sweep away what you find rather, shine a light on it.

Sit with it.

Pluto can and will ultimately strip away what doesn’t work albeit,  slowly.

Saturn retrograde 5/11-9/29– prepare to redefine your personal/professional boundaries.

How do you deal with restrictions placed upon you by yourself, and/or by others?

Where have you been coasting and which areas can you afford to give more attention in your life?

Do not be afraid to do some hard work during this retrograde….it’s time to revisit old patterns and reset the ones that are not working.

Karma gets cleared and sorted and remember: karma is neither good nor bad, it is simply consequence for past actions.

Saturn is the lord of karma, the keeper of time.  He does not let us get away with anything without a consequence.

Venus retrograde 5/13-6/25– prepare to question all of your relationships!  Your relations with others, with your money, and with yourself!

What do you value?

If things are great?  They hey you will breeze through this retrograde.

If things are not great?

This is the time that the ‘Goddess of Love ‘  will speak to your soul…and loudly!

Masculine and feminine, Venus will teach you a thing or two about your self-worth!

Remember: ‘what you allow will continue’. 

This goes for the good, and the not-so- stellar aspects of ourselves and our connections.

Lastly, Jupiter retrograde 5/14-9/13-the expansive guru turns inward.  This to me , is one of the least chaotic of the retrogrades.

Jupiter is expansion, growth, abundance.  He is the feel good planet.

When retrograde, he forces us to do more shadow work surrounding what gives us joy and pleasure.  What we ask of ourselves and of others.

Jupiter retro is all about reflecting upon all that we have learned while he was direct.  He is the GOD of good will and fortune, after all.

Everything we have learned is up for revision.

As Jupiter is the Guru, the spiritualist, this retrograde is all about aligning with our true purpose, at least feeling like we are getting closer to it.

In your own chart, these retrograde planets tell a different and much more detailed/intuitive story than above!

Can you imagine how interesting this gets?

If you would like more info, book an astrology consultation with me here.

More detailed info on these retrogrades below.

Much Love,


Much Love,


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