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Energy Forecast ???? New Moon Week

Holy Aquarius energy right now!

Currently we have five planets in Aquarius: Sun, Mercury, Venus, Saturn and Jupiter….with the sixth one about to join the party on 2/11…our New Moon!

The last time we experienced this many planets in Aquarius was 1962, when there were seven !

The New Moon takes place on Thursday 2/11 2:05 PM EST.

New Moons are the very beginning of the lunar cycle, a rebirth of the Moon as she begins her 29.5 day cycle. This is a time of birthing the new, of abundance and creation. A time to plant seeds and take initiative. This is why it is said to be an auspicious time for manifestation.

With a New Moon both the Sun and Moon are aligned in the sky and in the same sign, Aquarius.

With all this Aquarius air energy, we think forward.

Important to acknowledge that Mercury (who is retrograde) is speaking to us most of this month very profoundly and prophetically.

Mercury is the messenger and he is delivering information: keep your eyes, ears and most importantly, your heart open.

This is a time where we reevaluate our deepest needs within our groups, our relationships and our projects. The desire to be progressive and proactive is strong.

This is a time to be an advocate for yourself and remove whatever blocks are present- either real or imagined.

There is a very karmic energy present, which is a gift ???? . We have the ability to see the truth for what it is, to move past limiting beliefs and circumstances. Stop standing in your own way.

Now, how will you work with this? Think long-term; forward motion and be open to change.

Put out to the universe what it is that you desire to manifest, write it down, say it out loud. Words have power and so do your thoughts- think, Mercury=communication, thoughts, words.

Manifest wisely and remember, in this vast universe the only constant is change.

Much Love,


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