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All About This Energy….Mars Retrograde And Full Moon In Capricorn

It is a cosmically wild time right now, with quite a bit of planetary shifting.  Make no mistake, we are all impacted ‘down here’ by what goes on up in the sky!

We are all here for a purpose, regardless of what you believe- and we are all here to constantly learn and grow.

June has been intense to say the least.  As the weather heats up so does the emotion, the fever, the drive.

We all feel like our tanks are full, yet we keep refueling because well, we have to.

We have several retrograde planets right now, the most important to mention is Mars.

Retrograde means to reverse, to move in the opposite direction which means that the energy reverses as well .

We may lose a little steam at this time, a little of our fire.

Mars began his retrograde trek as of Tuesday 6/26 in the sign of Aquarius, and will stay this way until 8/27.

The next few months we are being asked to slow down and reevaluate.  Slow down and be present with where we are right now.  Not where we want to be in five months or even five minutes.  Straying too far into the future produces anxiety.

The universe will find a way to make sure we slow down if we try and go against this energy.

Mars rules our drive, our impulses, our call to action.  Also how we use or do not use, our natural drive.

It feels like a heavy time energetically, but it does not have to be with a little more awareness.

Look at it this way: Mars is a hot planet.  He represents passion and fire.  He is a warrior, he is strong and initiates.

When retrograde (backwards) it is a time to pull back, to reassess the way we act and redefine our personal power, the way we assert ourselves in our own lives.

Is it serving us well?  Could it serve us to curb our impulses?  Or is it time to dig deep, overcome some insecurities and find your true warrior spirit?

This is a time to look closely at what is going on already, to explore your inner world and to make way for the new.

We also have a Full Moon Thursday, 6/28 in the sign of Capricorn.  I will be honest- this may feel a bit somber and heavy.  You may feel sad, edgy, low-energy and perhaps even depressed.  Just know, that ‘this too shall pass’.

The Moon does not feel so cozy in the sign of Capricorn, the Sea Goat.  This Moon is also sitting very closely with planet Saturn, the ‘karma master’  a.k.a-‘Mr. Serious’.

*Important to note that Saturn is also the planet that rules Capricorn- so it makes this Saturnian energy even more potent.  

Saturn has us examining all situations in our lives.  All of the areas where we may need to step up, where we need to grow up and show up.

If we have fallen short of the mark, Saturn will let us know and we are presented with a choice to change.

Phew!  It is an emotional time to say the least, but much good can come from this time if you are willing to go within!  See video below and be sure to subscribe to Youtube Channel and share if you appreciate the insight …  🙂

Love & Light,


Much Love,


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