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Are readings conducted over the phone just as good?

Absolutely!!  Readings are energy-based.  You do NOT need to physically be in front of me to have a wonderful reading.  The moment we connect I will tune in to your energy, making no difference if you are right in front of me or over the phone.  I have many clients across the globe, and Skype has also become very popular.

Are readings confidential?

All readings that I give are 100% confidential. Unless you choose to disclose any information, you do not need to worry about anyone learning that you had a reading or what information came out in that reading. Under no circumstances do I share any information regarding the identity of my clients or information about them.

I am worried my religion/background goes against psychic/ tarot card reading. Is this true?

While readings can hold spiritual meaning for some, the nature of tarot cards does not conflict with religious beliefs and is not religious in any way. There is nothing involving the “devil”, or any other harmful tools when it comes to tarot card reading. They are simply a means to reading energy and providing insight based off of that energy.  I also infuse angel cards into all readings, which deliver powerful messages and I ALWAYS surround my client and the reading in love & light.  I do not have to use the Tarot at all, if that is your preference.

Do tarot cards predict the future?

Tarot cards are a means of revealing energy – energy which lay in the past and the present. Nothing is set in stone, and anyone who tells you that, you should be leery of. But the beauty of the cards is that they offer a glimpse into your past and your future, and allow you the insight to notice patterns and change them from where you are in the present. Through the clarity the readings will bring, you will have the potential to identify patterns and redirect your energy to providing better outcomes for you and those around you.

I’d love a reading, but am afraid you might tell me something ‘bad’!  Do you predict negative as well?

Unfortunately, life is not always butterflies and rainbows as we all know.  My intention is never to upset you during a session but negativity is sometimes a part of life.

Chances are, if you seek me out for a read, then on some level you are aware that something may be wrong, and I mean that lovingly.  In the case that you decide to have a reading with me and you are just looking for some ‘general’ insight, please know that I feel a responsibility to you to be honest.  I will never frighten you, but just like I tell you the positives, I also prepare you for any potential negatives.

Look at this as the gift that it is- someone preparing you and helping you to shift something , or your mindset on something that will help you to mitigate the effects of the negative!

I always stress that when/if you hear something in our session that you do not like or do not wish for it to happen, simply ‘pray it out!’  This works, I have done it!  Honestly, the best way to ease your mind and heart and to get a feel for my style is to read my testimonials .

Are you ever able to turn it off?  (basically, ‘tuning out’ vs. ‘tuning in’ to the energy of people, places, things etc.)

This is a loaded question and one I receive quite often!  The answer is yes and no.

It is very complex-and to be perfectly honest, I tune out as much as possible when I am not ‘working’.  I respect privacy and boundaries and some people are not comfortable “being read” or feeling exposed, and I am always very conscious of that.

When it comes to the people I am closest to, this may sound counter-intuitive, but I tend to tune out more easily.  Yet, I do always feel connected!  (See I said it was complex!)  Plus, I genuinely enjoy spending time with friends and family, and that is MY downtime.  So I go off the grid unless there’s a strong need or feeling of something they need to hear. It’s more difficult for me to ‘tune out’  then it is to ‘tune in’ though!  But if I am being pulled to tell somebody something, then I have to honor that and share.

During a session, do we have to use the tarot cards?

No, we do not have to.  If that is your preference please let me know ahead of time. You can see right here on my Sessions page the ways in which I conduct the reading.  Although helpful and more insightful, the cards are definitely not mandatory.

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