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Sharing Sunday! Finding Your Purpose When You Least Expect It…

It must be Scorpio season!

There are no coincidences, as I always say.

Scorpio rules the 8th house in astrology- this is the house of sex, death and rebirth.  The house of inheritances (both financial and emotional inheritances) and major transformation.

At this time , more and more our shadow sides come into play.  By shadow side I am simply referring to that which we conceal, even from ourselves.

What happens though, is that eventually these feelings, these circumstances, come bubbling up to the surface so strongly that we have no choice but to succumb to the intensity of emotion(s).

This is where the beauty and the healing begins.

Aside from my one-on-one clients, I also read for small groups, typically eight or less.  I read at one of these last night, prompting me to write this post today.

My mind and heart were full after leaving this group, and in a good way.

I think everyone that left their reading with me last night was crying, and in a very therapeutic way.  

They all needed that emotional release and they felt safe enough with me to express it.  It was an intense night of readings, a lot came up for everyone but they were ready and willing to hear it or they would not have been there.

One of my favorite quotes by the brilliant Carl Jung, sums this up perfectly:

As I packed up and went to say goodbye, one of the women said to me “thank you for ruining our lives in the best way possible” and asked if she could hug me.

In that moment, I had a ‘click’.

I am on the right track.  I am helping to bridge the gap between the unconscious and the conscious.  The end game is awareness and change.

See, lately I have been struggling deeply with this very question: what is my purpose?  This has been a major source of darkness for me lately.  I will share with you that a major reevaluation at this point has been taking place in my world- mind, body and soul.

Is my purpose to continue to work with others, through tarot, reiki and astrology, helping them to uncover and unlock their true potential?  To help them recognize what they are looking for, helping them to heal ?

As an empath, sometimes this gets very overwhelming and is often misunderstood.

Think about it: while I love what I do, it can get very lonely at times.  I can’t really talk about it because most importantly, it’s confidential, but also, it is not really your average career (not that this part really bothers me).

I grapple with going back to school for Psychology, but the thought of the money I would spend, (plus to be honest I am not a school person), and the amount of time it would take deters me.

I’ve also recognized that what I do is very similar to therapy, as it’s more about the personal style and flavor of your work.

“Energy therapy”, I refer to it as 😉

So, what am I to do?  Keep building, keep moving forward, that’s what.  Last night proved this to me.  Having eight different people, both men and women express to me that their reading with me was life changing and eye opening, well that made me feel very fulfilled.

What I do is not about giving predictions, or anything hocus-pocus.

It is a very real way of helping people to see/find something in themselves that they maybe do not see, or perhaps they lost sometime ago.  Finding the silver lining in all that there is, because there is always something to be grateful for.

Helping with solutions and giving a different spin on circumstances, where you might otherwise be coming up empty.

Sure, I have a strong inner-vision that allows me to tap into energy and read it, and give highly accurate information (which I am very grateful for) but this is not always accepted and understood.

But that’s ok because I trust the universe, and the right people find me when they need to.

I am blessed with amazing clients that are constantly referring me to other amazing clients.  Some of my clients have become great friends, to this I am also very grateful.

So to all of you that are helping me find my purpose, thank you.

Peace & Love,


Much Love,


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