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FREE Tarot Masterclassđź’«

A Journey Through The Twenty-Two (22) Major Arcana Tarot Cards

Have you always had in interest in learning how to work with, how to read Tarot Cards?

Would you like to recognize and expand upon your natural intuitive abilities, learning how to incorporate the tarot cards into your every day life?

In this FREE 90-Minute journey through the Major Arcana of The Tarot you can expect to:

Learn the origin and meanings of all twenty-two (22) Major Arcana Tarot Cards.

Trust your intuition while interpreting The Tarot, learning how to read tarot from the soul.

Become a confident channel for the cards…. and more!

Does this sound great? Well then you will LOVE this 90-minute masterclass!

In this masterclass, we go through through the twenty-two Major Arcana tarot cards.

Sidenote: there are slides to download with this course for you to follow along with, but if you would like to purchase your own Tarot Deck this is the one we are working with.

The Major Arcana cards are the anchors of The Tarot.

These cards take us on a journey through the cycles of life, through the archetypes that we embody along the way time and time again. A clearer picture and purpose emerges as we begin to understand these cards, these parts of our journey at a deeper level.

This FREE masterclass is an action-packed, detailed journey through the cards.

Whether you are brand new to The Tarot, or a seasoned tarot enthusiast, I am confident that you will love the insights you gain throughout this masterclass.

On our journey through the Major Arcana, we not only learn the meanings of each card, but we also go through the astrology connected to the cards. I teach you timing techniques and tactics, seasons, zodiac signs, the energies as they correspond to each card and more!

Keep in mind that this is a self-paced course, and one that you can refer back to time and time again.

Access your FREE 90-Minute journey through the Major Arcana right here!

If you are ready to go straight to the next level and round out your tarot journey, I’ve got great news! There is a comprehensive journey through the remainder of the cards ‘The Minor Arcana’ which you can find right here.

I sincerely hope you enjoy this course just as much as I have enjoyed putting it together for you!

Much Love,


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