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Full Moon🌝Libra Season & The Autumn Equinox

The energy is fueled by the need to achieve balance as we move towards the end of September, and into the season of Harvest, Libra.

On September 20 7:54 PM EST we experience our Full Moon at 28° of Pisces .

Full Moons always pull the focus into what has been in the dark during the previous four weeks. Emotions and intuition surge around this energy. We recognize the duality in our own unique nature, and we struggle to sort it all out.

A Full Moon occurs when the Sun is opposite the Moon in the sky.

The Sun is in the sign of mutable earth, sturdy and structured Virgo. Virgo is the sign that speaks to our physical health.

The Moon is in the opposite sign of mutable water, emotional and intuitive Pisces. Pisces is the sign that speaks to our spiritual health.

This Full Moon cycle is all about finding the balance between these two signs, these two energies. We release what is no longer working for us, while cultivating plans to work on what does fuel us, what feeds us.

This Full Moon carries with it an extra potent emphasis on endings, as Pisces is the last sign of the zodiac. We really are working towards that which no longer soothes and serves our soul, well, it must go.

On 9/22 3:21 PM EST, the Sun will leave the sign of Virgo and enter the balanced air sign, Libra.

The Tarot Card that Libra rules is Justice.

The scales. Balance. Equality.

We are now officially in harvest season. In fact, the Pisces Full Moon is referred to as ‘The Harvest Moon’.

The Suns entrance into Libra also marks the Autumn Equinox, otherwise known as Mabon.

At the Autumn Equinox, we experience equal number of daytime/nighttime hours, once again emphasizing the Libran theme of balance.

Spiritually speaking, our own personal themes of light and darkness come up for review. This is a time to honor our own unique light and shadow side, a time to honor ourselves.

During Libra season, we slow down, we strive for equality and connection. Where we do not experience this, a letting go may be called for.

Think of it this way: the leaves are changing colors, they are shedding and releasing….as we are being encouraged to do the same.

After all, the only constant is change.

Think back to all that has happened for you/to you personally during the powerful time between the Summer Solstice on 6/21 until the Autumn Equinox on 9/22.

What has changed for you? How much , or how little, have you initiated any changes? What are you working towards? Where in your existence do you feel there is inequality?

Happy Libra Season and Happy Birthday to all of our Libras!

Full Moon Healing Circle Info Here

Much Love,


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