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Full Moon ???? Lunar Eclipse 7/5

Early Sunday morning 7/5, 12:44 AM EST we experience our third and final eclipse (well of this portal anyway!)- this one a Lunar Eclipse/Full Moon.

This Full Moon takes place at thirteen (13) degrees of Capricorn.

Full Moons are always a time of heightened awareness and intuition. 

Energy, feelings and impressions are extra intense, emotional waters stirred up.

A lunar eclipse only serves to amplify this energy.

The Sun and the Moon are opposing each other by sign- the Sun is in the homey and sensitive sign of Cancer, and the Moon is in the earthy and goal oriented sign of Capricorn.

Work versus play, pleasure versus pain, fear versus faith; these are the themes of this Lunar Eclipse/Full Moon.

This Full Moon is linked to the South Node, the past.

All signs can and will be impacted but the signs that will feel this Moon cycle the most are Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn and Libra.

Also, if you have any planets close to 13 degrees of Capricorn (particularly the ascendant or the Moon) or any of the other earth signs (Taurus and Virgo), you will feel this energy strongly.

That which is outdated needs to be released so that the new can come in.

We are still under Mercury Retrograde, plus Jupiter, Pluto and Saturn all retrograde in Capricorn….and with a Full Moon in Capricorn?  Planet Saturn is ruling this Lunation.

Saturn is all about structures, boundaries, restriction and delays…..constructive change when all is said and done.

Once Saturn stations direct in Aquarius in September, we will have a better idea of the way things are going to progress.  This means that we have two more months to set the record straight with the lessons both personally and collectively, that Saturn wishes to teach us.

Circumstances and situations are revisited, revised and reworked for positive reinforcement, an innovative future.

Let’s mention that The Moon does not particularly enjoy its residency in Capricorn, so this Full Moon is filled with tension, nervousness and stress.

The fluid Moon can feel cold, distant, lifeless even when in the earthy realms of the sea goat.

Yet, there is always promise of brightness and reprieve after some hard work.

Ah yes, work…this is Capricorn’s domain, Saturns territory.  

The mystical sea goat (that represents Capricorn), eventually gets to the top of the mountain…and oh, how amazing that feels!

This is Saturn, this is Capricorn.  All hard works reaps the rewards!

Yes, it may take awhile….yes, there may be some tribulations and turbulence on this flight path; but with the persaverance and determination that Capricorn is known for?

We will get there and that is something to look forward to.

Happy Full Moon everyone, release what no longer serves your soul, call in what you wish to accomplish, what you wish to manifest.

Set up some uninterrupted time in a quiet space to reflect.

Light some sage, cleanse your energy and your surroundings.

If you work with crystals, I highly suggest Moonstone for meditation and manifestation and Carnelian for psychic protection and clarity.

More on this energy, video below.

Much Love,


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