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Full Moon In Aries Tomorrow- Intense

Tomorrow 10/5- we have a Full Moon in the sign of Aries.

This Full Moon occurs at 2:40 PM EST.

‘Harvest Moon’, it is often referred to as it comes right along with the autumn equinox.

This Full Moon highlights the relationship area of our lives, because it takes place right on the Aries/Libra relationship axis.

I like to write about the Moons, both Full and New, because each lunar cycle brings with it a flavor, a theme.

A Full Moon occurs when the Sun is exactly opposite the Moon.

As the Moon rules the emotions, the human psyche and the tides, it is important to acknowledge the planetary influences and the zodiac sign that the Moon takes place in each month.  Also, major players as far as the other planets that are causing energetic themes along with each Moon cycle- it shifts with each cycle.

Having said that, let’s look at this Full Moon in Aries-there is a lot going on right now!

This Full Moon occurs under the time of Libra, the time of balance.  Libra is ruled by Venus- patience and softness.  This Full Moon, however, is under the element of Fire – the sign of Aries which is ruled by Mars.

Mars is action, passion.  We yearn for change.  We release which no longer serves us as we do with all Full Moons, but this one feels especially intense.  Like we are jumping out of our skin with excitement.  For better or worse, this Moon brings a feeling of heat, of determined fever.

Mercury, the planet of communication, sits opposite this Full Moon and is very much the main planetary player/ influence with this fiery Full Moon in Aries.

What this means is that we are wanting to communicate our thoughts, our feelings.

Unfortunately, these areas in which we wish to communicate on- are sensitive topics.

Aries is represented by the Ram, and the Ram charges full speed ahead.

Libra is represented by the scales of balance and wants to weigh everything out before making any type of move.

This can cause friction as under this time of Libra, we crave stability and balance but the Aries influence surrounding the emotions of the Full Moon does not care so much about balance.  Aries like to win.  

This is the Sun/Moon polarity, the Full Moon.

Keep in mind that if you desire some change in your relationships, then speaking up can be a good thing.  Speaking up can also bring in conflict.  Either way- communication changes situations, for better or worse.  Hopefully for the better.

Oh-so-important, is that tomorrow right with this Full Moon,  our masculine planet- Mars, is meeting up with our feminine planet-Venus, in the sky .  This is a rare meeting of opposites, of yin and yang.  This is not to happen again until 2019!

When these two planets meet, they express a special energy that we can all benefit from.

This is a time where we acknowledge our masculine and feminine side, and learn to integrate and express them both in a healthy manner.  Balancing of the two energies.

Masculine (Mars) is all about taking action , and is an outward energy.  Feminine (Venus) is all about reflecting and creating, an inward energy.  We need both of these energies in our lives right now.

Venus and Mars together, represent true love.  The divine masculine meets the divine feminine, the two are very complimentary towards each other and express themselves wonderfully.

Since both Venus and Mars are in the sign of Virgo at the time of this rare meeting, the emphasis is on love for the planet and love for others.

Relationships are highlighted.

The Moon and Sun at this time are also being impacted (they are quincunx, not understanding) by Neptune, the planet of illusion.

Neptune brings an element of confusion when it comes to perception vs. reality.

Be very careful with new people and new situations that come into your world at this time.  Do not fall victim to lies and deception-trust your intuition but also realize that paranoia can be very present with Neptune.  Playing it safe is not such a bad thing at this time as it will be easy to get confused, to get tangled.  

Acknowledge the delicate balance between intuition and paranoia- this is Neptune.

Try your best to stick with the positive people in your life, and stay away from the negative.

Very important to note that both the Sun and the Moon are squaring planet Pluto at this time.  A square is problematic, in other words-intensity is felt.

Pluto stands for transformation, death (metaphorically), and rebirth.  The keyword for Pluto is permanent.

What Pluto touches is forever transformed.

Power struggles with important people in our lives right now are likely.  Tempers flare as we vie to assert ourselves, speak our truth.

Rather than using this as an excuse to explode, to get angry- use this to explore your own inner nature, and transform and evolve.  This is the positive side of Pluto.  It helps take us to another level of soul growth.

Fate versus free will is a major factor under this Full Moon.

Fate will bring people/circumstances into our lives as a part of our souls evolution.  These will be recognized by the sheer feeling of synchronicity and randomness attached to the way in which they occur.

Free will will determine what happens next.  The energy will be presented, but you get to write the script.

Just to re-cap: toorrow we have a Full Moon in Aries which is Fire and action, Pluto which is permanency and transformation,  Neptune which is illusion and deception, and the Venus-Mars conjunction all at the same time, this is intense!

If you are feeling like you are riding an emotional roller-coaster, congratulations!  You are right where you are supposed to be.

Think everything through.  Communicate what is on your mind and in your heart, but do so lovingly.  Respond but do not react.  Observe but do not absorb.

As Full Moons are all about release, it is time to release that which no longer serves you.  This ranges from people, situations, places and behaviors/habits that are no longer conducive to your growth.  Things that are no longer beneficial or serving any sort of purpose.

Work with the intense energy of this Aries Full Moon.

If you work with crystals, do not forget to charge them and cleanse them under the Full Moon energy.

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