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Full Moon Energy­čîŁJupiter And Mercury Station Direct

Monday blessings.

Do you feel the shift? Today seems like everything is moving forward again!

Jupiter the social planet of expansion, faith and optimism has officially stationed direct as of yesterday 10/17.

Today 10/18 Mercury will station direct….but remember, we are still under the ‘post-shadow’ period until 11/1 so remain aware.

This Wednesday 10/20, 10:57 AM EST we experience our Full Moon at 27┬░ 26′ of Aries.

Full Moons always pull the focus into what has been in the dark during the previous four weeks. Emotions and intuition surge around this energy. We recognize the duality in our own unique nature, and we reach to sort it all out.

A Full Moon occurs when the Sun is opposite the Moon in the sky.

The Sun is in the sign of cardinal air, balanced and introspective Libra.

The Moon is in the opposite sign of cardinal fire, high-spirited Aries.

This Full Moon cycle is all about finding the balance between these two signs, these two energies. We release what is no longer working for us, while cultivating plans to work on what does fuel us, what feeds us.

Opposite Mars, Aries ruling planet and the planet ruling this energy, this Full Moon pulls focus onto where in our life we own and hone in on, our true courageous nature. The focus is also on where we need to tap into these capabilities more.

There is a tremendous amount of energy accessible to us, as both Aries And Libra are cardinal. Cardinal signs act, they initiate.

Aries especially, is an agent of change and force that wants us to persevere and crush our goals.

Libra encourages us to weigh all sides, all options before moving forward.

Moving ahead is the name of the game.

If the energy is too intense for you, get outside and go for a walk, run, hike. Whatever you need to do to disperse some of the energy that is likely running through you.

Under the light of this Full Moon, release what no longer serves your soul. Put your words out into the universe, as they have more power this way.

Call in what you desire, do not settle for any less.

Remember: between Aries and Libra we dance off between doing what is best for us, also with others in mind.

This is Aries and Libra in their highest form. Healthy ways of selfish-ness and selfless-ness.

Much Love,


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