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Full Moon In Libra- When Luck And Fate Collide! Use The Energy Wisely

Full Moon in Libra tomorrow 4/11 at the wee hours of the morning-2:08 AM, EST.

This moon is a very auspicious and fortunate one!  This is especially so if you are a Libra, your rising sign is Libra or your moon is in the sign of Libra.  This is your moon!  Time to release and realign.


So, exactly why is this full moon so “lucky”?  It is sitting extremely close (conjunct) to the planet of Jupiter.  Jupiter is the planet of growth, luck, abundance and expansion.  Also fate and chance. The moon conjunct Jupiter in Libra at this time means : people feel good and optimistic.

Chance meetings are likely under this full moon/Jupiter influence-unexpected blessings and forms of abundance coming towards you are no accident!  Opportunity is knocking!

The sign of Libra is ruled by the element of air, which is the mental element.  Find me a Libra that is not logical and practical- go ahead , I dare you ?  Why am I saying this? Libra needs balance, Libra needs tangible evidence and proof that what you see is what you get.  Under this Libra Full Moon, you need to trust.  You need to have faith.  You need to maintain balance, but above all else you may need to take a chance because luck and fate will collide under this Full Moon influence.  Libra is all about equality so at this time it is wise to try and see the other point(s) of view, rather than only looking through the lens of one scope: yours!

libra scales 2

As this Full Moon is in Libra, it is all about balance!  If the scales are tipped more one way than the other (personal, career, family, etc), then it’s time to bring it all back to a workable place for you.  In order to feel more peaceful and more secure, you will need to ask yourself some honest questions.  This is a great time to be doing this.  Ask yourself: where has all of my attention been focused lately?  Am I feeling grounded?  Am I feeling secure or insecure and how can I attempt to correct this? What area(s) do I need to expend more energy towards?

*This is a very lucky moon with lots of positive energy but you must leave the house and get out there and socialize!  Use this energy wisely- this is a great time to try something new especially if the universe has been subtly (or not so subtly) nudging you along a certain path/direction.

Full Moon energy is very cleansing as it’s a time of reflection and release. Energetically, it purges the soul because the time leading up to and the time of the Full Moon, emotions rise up and surge to the surface to be purged and hopefully healed.  As we move into the next cycle, it’s a great time to write down that what we wish to change, get rid of , and then bring into our lives.  It’s all about the balance!

*Sidenote-  Mercury has gone retrograde as of yesterday 4/9 and will not go direct until 5/3.   But don’t panic!  Just use this time to slow down.  Look at this as a time to reevaluate, reflect, release and realign!  This is actually a gift.

Have a wonderful week!

Much Love,


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