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Full Moon This Thursday..The Energy For The Rest Of June

Cancer season is underway, and it’s Summer in the Northern Hemisphere!

My oh my, we are rocking and rolling. Emotions are heightened and time seems to be speeding up yet not moving at the same time…you feel me?

There is a lot going on up in the sky right now!

The planets are shifting directions, changing signs, and well….this absolutely affects us physically ‘down here’. Sleep can be hard to come by when the heavens are shaking it all up, but don’t worry it will calm down.

Keep in mind that emotions are super high right now pretty much all of Cancer season. Tears seems to flow effortlessly and at the slightest provocation so remember to be gentle: gentle with yourself, and gentle with others.

We all fight battles we may not speak of so be kind.

6/22 Mercury will station direct (yeah baby) in his preferred domain of Gemini. While he prepares to return to his perch, communication begins to sort itself out , information comes in suddenly, we feel mental clarity. Hopefully the technology mishaps sort themselves out as well!

On Thursday 6/24, 2:39 PM EST, we experience our last Supermoon in a series of four. This Full Moon falls in the sign of sturdy, practical and earthy Capricorn.

This Supermoon is no less impactful than the others, yet it carries with it a highly optimistic energy far more than what we are used to for Saturn, the planet that rules Capricorn and this lunation….and this is a good thing!

A Full Moon occurs when the Sun is opposite the Moon in the sky.

The Sun is in the family-oriented and emotional sign of the crab, Cancer. The Moon is in the opposite sign of ambition, steady persistence and structure, Capricorn.

Ruled by hard-working Saturn, this Full Moon makes us hyper aware of all our recent efforts, how far we have come both as an individual, and as a collective. Yes, there are still restrictions, but progress is being made.

Under this energy, our family life is at the fore-front of our minds. We almost cannot help but be brought down memory lane. Honor the process.

Now more than ever, the polarities of our private life (Cancer) and our public/professional life (Capricorn), come into sharp focus.

Cancer is where we are most private, most comfortable. Capricorn is where we are most visible, and often out of our comfort zone. In order to make progress and move towards the new, we must get a little uncomfortable.

Issues surrounding trust and security come up, for better or worse. We are more focused on our family, our intimate relationships. Are we neglecting our loved ones? Do we feel neglected? Questions to ponder under this energy.

This is one of the most optimistic, hopeful and expansive Full Moons of 2021! Linked to planet Jupiter by sextile as the strongest and most potent planetary aspect to this Full Moon, it’s beautiful and supportive.

Blessings surround us, we just need to remain open and loving for the ways we can expand and transform. Jupiter reminds us that we must keep the faith, allow room for growth and change.

Our faith and belief systems may be tested, our spiritual values may change. Often, this is just what is necessary.

Remember it is a SuperMoon, so much more emotional!

Venus & Pluto are dancing close together, butting up against each other by opposition. This is making us hot under the collar where it has to do with emotions and situations within our relationships. Things can heat up, become extra intense. Passion can be off the charts, and remember, passion is also expressed as anger so tread lightly.

Neptune is also getting ready to station retrograde, on 6/25 in Pisces. The ‘God Of The Sea’ will be backwards until 12/2. I told you there was a lot going on!

This means that intuition will be heightened, psychic energy enhanced. Also, potential for our paranoia, fears and phobias to be ‘a little extra’, so take note and pay close attention to what is real and where your subconscious might be playing tricks on you.

All this being said, if you have not been meditating, carving out at least ten-minutes of quiet time for contemplation per day? Now may be the time to start.

Meditate, be still, pray and take care of your physical body to keep up with all of this shifting. There is good to be revealed, just keep going.

Water is also a wonderful way to work with all of this emotional energy. If you can get to the Ocean, pool, river, lake…please do so, as it will cleanse and revive your soul.

I am hosting my Full Moon gathering on the evening of 6/24. This is a limited and reservation required event please see here.

Full Moon Blessings to all!

Much Love,


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