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What You Need To Know About Today’s Full Moon In Sagittarius-Transformation And Healing

Today 6/9 as of 9:09 AM EST, we have a full moon in free-spirited and adventurous Sagittarius – yet, this energy feels anything but free!  You know I keep it real so let me be clear- under this full moon the energy is very heavy.  We are feeling restricted, anxious, and uncertain.  The stars and planets are primed right now for some emotional wounding, yet ultimate healing.   As you go through the chaotic emotions, just remember: without the pain we do not transform, we do not heal.

Sagittarius centaur in full moonI work with several people on a daily basis, and everyone is feeling this heaviness I speak of.  We are undergoing some transformative times as the collective. Relationships and financial structures are falling apart at the seams, and we are scrambling to put it all back together.  They, and we, will be mended in time- but not without the acknowledgment of our own part in the grand scheme of it all.

On a global scale we are experiencing a lot of chaos and terror adding to the already present energy of feeling insecure and unsafe.  We feel vulnerable, and this carries over into our personal lives.  Relationships of all kinds are tested.

Under this full moon influence others are unkind, we may be deceived by another, testing us to our very core.  The deception can even be self induced.  What do you tell yourself to keep in alignment?  To feel safe?  Any delusions you are under may deconstruct at this time.  Clarity and truth one way or the other.

We may hear and see things that are false and upsetting, challenging our morals and integrity.  It’s best to keep calm.  Lots is being revealed under the influence of this full moon energy.  Full Moons are always about purging and release, but make sure that what you are purging and releasing is not being forced upon you by another hand.  You know the term ‘I will believe it when I see it’?  Well, this applies tenfold here.  Words mean nothing without the actions and when the words sound positive but the actions do not back things up, trust yourself and move the heck on.  It’s time to purge and release those stale and stagnant emotions.  The sadness and the sorrow- it’s time for some happiness.

As our souls are purging, many are experiencing stomach upsets and intestinal disturbances (this is related to the root and sacral chakras).  As we are floundering to find ‘our place’ in this world, in our world, our bodies are struggling to align and adjust to all of the energy.  The same goes for heart palpitations and chest flutters, as anxiety is ramped up.  * Please be sure there is nothing wrong with you medically before you assume any symptoms you may be experiencing are having to do with the intense energy we are under.

starsgreenPlanetary influences along with our energetic Full Moon in Sagittarius are :

Fixed Star ‘Sabik’

This fixed star speaks about ‘evil sorcery through magic’.  Translation: manipulating others through the use of divination, and false promises.  Preying on others weaknesses.  ‘Light workers’ who are pretending to be something they are not i.e.- taking money from people to cast spells (ridiculous), and copy cats of all types are being revealed and called out.  Allow the universe to make it happen, do not intervene.  Those that are authentic in their work and using divination for the greater good will be just fine.  This is a karmic time.  ‘That which you reap, you shall sow’ is ever so present during these moments.  Resist the urge to ‘prove yourself’ to anyone right now, as it is likely to backfire.  Like I mentioned above, others are unkind right now.  Stay in your light, and more importantly, stay in your lane!  Mind your business.  Tend to what is yours, and yours alone.  You can only control your sacred energy center, so please don’t give your power away unnecessarily.  If something or someone feels ‘off’ or ‘wrong’ it likely is, so please trust your gut.

Sun Quincunx Pluto

Under the activity of the planet Pluto at this time, we transform.  We must as there is no choice with Pluto.  Pluto slowly destroys all that it touches, all that is not working.  Pluto is not that ‘in your face let me blow up your world’ kind of an influence such as Uranus, it is subtle but deeply felt.  It is what we are used to, our comforts;  so it does not feel good while it is happening,  but is  ‘oh so necessary’.  When it’s over, we have no choice but to transform, and ultimately, to heal.  That’s Pluto.  It rules the 8th house in astrology.  The house of sex, death, rebirth and transformation.  Dig deep- don’t you feel different than you felt a year, six months, heck- even one month ago?  

People are also experiencing strange and uncanny ‘coincidences’ (a.k.a. past life experiences) at this time.  Members of your soul family will come back around to help you and to heal you.  Recognize them- this is no accident.  Many have been so wrapped up in their own pain that they have failed to recognize these beings of light that have come and gone.  As it becomes clear, don’t be afraid to reach out if something feels undone.  There are others that are always ready to help you get to the next level.    

Remember: this is Pluto-  it is not supposed to feel comfortable!  It is meant to push you higher and higher, to transform you from the inside out.  ‘If you want something you have never had than you must do something you have never done’.  

Jupiter Goes Direct (Huge influence here)

Jupiter has been retrograde (backwards) for the past four months.  If you have been doing your soul work and going within, as Jupiter Retro asks of us, then you are in for a real treat coming up over the next 6-12 weeks.  Jupiter also rules the sign of Sagittarius, so this is the most positive aspect under this Full Moon, adding a little touch of magic. With Jupiter turning direct, projects that began four months ago that you have been working diligently on, will begin to show some headway.  Openings will occur, unexpected blessings might just drop into your lap!  Phew!  Something positive throughout this heavy moon energy!  Above all though, stay honest, stay true- abundance can and will be yours, remain optimistic in that which is to come….all will be well!

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