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Gemini New Moon 6/6

Enthusiastic & Energizing, New Moon June 6, 2024

Thursday June 6th, 8:37 AM EST we have our New Moon at 16° of Gemini.

A New Moon marks the beginning of the lunar cycle, the movement of the moon through its different phases.

New Moons are a time of new beginnings.  The beginning of a new cycle, a time to initiate plans and projects, get things moving, a fresh start. 

Abundance surrounds this energy.

New Moons are auspicious times filled with promise and opportunity.

The Sun aligns with the Moon in the sky when it’s a New Moon meaning, that they are in the same sign –Gemini.

While all will experience the energy and enthusiasm of this New Moon, it will be the most auspicious (and active), for our mutable signs which are Gemini, Pisces, Virgo and Sagittarius. Also, our other air signs which are Aquarius and Libra. 

*Please refer to the full reading in the above video, where I give much more insights into what all of this means for you. I break it down in terms you will understand. 

You may also download your FREE birth chart right here.

Here’s a few more insights into this New Moon.

Hey, I’m a Gemini rising and Venus, I have a lot to say 😉.

Energetic And Enthusiastic New Moon In Gemini 6/6, 8:37 Am ET.

With five planets in Gemini at this New Moon, our minds are abuzz with possibility and excitement. 

For some, it can feel a little more nervous and scattered, chaotic and anxious but still… there is excitement mixed in (strong Gemini, Pisces, Virgo and Sagittarius peeps, I’m talking to you)!

Planet Venus is supporting this New Moon, and she is the sweetening balm to all of this energy. Venus reminds us that connection and communication are encouraged; as long as we are committed to long term victory, gain and results.

After all, the shadow to all of this Gemini energy is that it can be fast and fleeting.

Gemini energy moves quickly and while it might be tempting to just blow right past it all, I would advise that you slow down just long enough to work with this New Moon!

What do I mean by ‘work with it’?

Set an intention and make a vow to the area(s) of your life ( chart), where Gemini resides. * Refer to the birth chart, and then the video. I also have a guided, New Moon meditation for you right here.

So yes, while this is an energizing and in my humble opinion, BRILLIANT New Moon, there is always a caveat or two.

We also have the door – stop planet Saturn clashing with the beauty of The Sun, Moon and Venus. This reminds us that we may have to contend with ( or dance around), a challenging situation or communication. This obstacle will likely be in regards to a relationship or network that we are involved in, a part of, if only even peripherally.

Gemini tends more toward diffusing with humor and sometimes, skirting the issue to avoid conflict… but not with big-daddy Saturn watching!

All of this to say: savor the sweet flavor and encouraging vibe with this expressive New Moon, but remember: Gemini rules communication in all forms.

We all have a voice and we all deserve to be heard, so the advice here is: do communicate, but do so consciously and with care, to avoid potential hurt and misunderstanding.

Collectively speaking: a reminder to use your discernment wisely. There is, and will be, more and more information coming at us through all channels! The news, social media, word of mouth, etc. There is only so much we can retain, before we become completely overwhelmed, burnt, stressed-out.

Gemini is also the sign of duality, the trickster, the performer. This energy has a side to it where facts can be manipulated for the audience!

Again, discernment is key. 

We are all gifted with intuition for a reason.

Drop in, reflect on how something feels. That is how you will know what is right and true, for you.

Trust your soul to guide the way.

Much Love,


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