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Gemini Season Begins Today

Today 5/21, the Sun leaves the grounded and slow-moving sign of Taurus and moves into the inquisitive, communicative sign of the twins- Gemini.

The tone shifts considerably as the Sun shifts and we are ready to hit the ground running.

One thing that Gemini possesses is speed.

Communication is key over these next few weeks.

We feel more light-hearted and we desire to get out and play a little more, to socialize.

Gemini falls under the element of air.  Intellectual, all about the mind.  This sign can never absorb enough knowledge, and they love to disperse this knowledge to others.

This sign can talk a lot but they are very fun to listen to as they are quite charismatic and engaging.

Gemini is ruled by planet Mercury A.K.A –  ‘The Messenger of the Gods’. 

Mercury communicates, and as a zippy planet, Mercury ruled signs communicate in a fast manner just like their ruling planet.

Is it any surprise that it has been statistically proven that many teachers and salespeople fall under this sign?  I think not!  Gemini is all about communication and teaching/learning.

Gemini is represented by the symbol of  the Twins, and the ruling tarot card is ‘The Lovers’.

This sign is knows for having its energy a bit scattered into two or more areas at once.  They are very good at spreading themselves thin, but they are actually able to follow the chaos most of the time, and may even prefer to not be confined to only one person/place/job/etc.

Many Geminis have more than one job, one home, or even ahem more than one relationship- which suits them just fine!

Gemini is a mutable sign, meaning changeable- they like to switch things up.

It has been said that this sign can appear to have a dual personality.  They certainly can, and this is not necessarily their fault!  Their moods and feelings tend to change from one minute to the next.  On the positive side, they are also very upfront and honest about this.

Like every sign, there are positive and not-so-positive character traits, but we can choose how to integrate and exist with these energies in a healthy manner.

As this sign is known to talk without a filter, they can be two-faced and truly enjoy gossip.

For the most part this is a fun loving sign that truly does not mean any harm, but you may not want to trust them with your deepest secrets.

They truly can’t help it, and they can talk out of both sides of their mouths.  Again: there’s a reason they make good salespeople!

Gemini characters are also very funny- they possess comedic abilities and can make your stomach hurt from laughing.

Don’t let this sign fool you though!  They absorb everything even when it appears that they are not paying attention.  This is one of their greatest gifts.  Tricksters they can be, both in an endearing and not-so-endearing way at times.

Many -a-Gemini will display a very soft soul when you can actually pin them down to have a deep conversation!  They are always on the move.

Happy Birthday to all of the Twins out there!

May Gemini season run smoothly for all….may the cosmos be kind to all of us over these next few weeks during these times of change.

I will be back with another energy read soon.

Peace & Love,


Much Love,


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