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How To Get Yourself Out Of A Funk

We all go through phases where we feel alone, depressed, discouraged and disheartened.  Stuck in the mud.  It could even simply be seasonal but hey- it happens, we all get in a funk!

So, what are some ways to bust through the funk?

I normally tell myself and others that when you feel this way, the best way to feel better is to get creative!  Do something you enjoy, something you are good at that perhaps you do not always allow yourself to indulge in for whatever the reason.

But what happens when even that does not make you feel better?

For example, I right now feel as though I am in some sort of ‘creative paralysis’.

I have so many ideas and projects I would like to get moving on, yet I feel stuck.

So today I am going to stop obsessing about these things.

I’m going to go for a run, then cook and then clean a bit.  This makes me still feel productive, and I actually enjoy all three of these things (well, not so much the cleaning but it does feel good once it’s done).

Here are Some Ways To Get Yourself Out Of That Funk

First and foremost, accept where you are.  Accept and respect the fact that you are in a funk, that you are not in your best space.  This is key.  Beating yourself up for being non-productive is not going to make it any better, in fact it will just keep you planted in a negative place longer! 

Keep in mind that you will not be in this place forever, that it is perfectly normal, and that everyone goes through this!

 Take inventory of your bodily habits/rhythm

This one may sound obvious, but what is your sleep quality like?  Are you going to bed at a decent hour?  You’d be surprised at how much more motivated you feel after consistent sleep.  If you are struggling with sleep, it’s important to address this issue.

What are your eating habits like?  Are you keeping your blood-sugar stable?  Are you eating enough, eating the right foods, eating enough calories?  Are you taxing your liver with too much processed foods and/or alcohol?  This will most definitely have you feeling sluggish if that’s the case.

Have you been to the Doctor and have you been checked for any vitamin deficiencies?  These can and will alter your moods big-time.

If any of these areas could use a little attention,  shift the focus here and you will most definitely begin to feel more balanced, hence lightening the load of that funk!

Address and deal with emotional issues

I know, I know.  This is not fun, but like I always say ‘the only way out is through’.  This is fact.

Do not be afraid to acknowledge the ugliness you may be feeling or dealing with.  Ignoring or suppressing these emotions will only cause toxicity in the body, upsetting your equilibrium and further perpetuating that funk!

Remember: acknowledging your feelings is not the same as wallowing in them!  Acceptance and release is key.  Go and talk to a professional if you need to, but don’t stuff your pain away.  Trust me- it will only keep resurfacing.

Write about your feelings

Seriously, journal.  It does not have to be a novel either.  At the end or beginning of each day simply jot down a few bullet-points of how you are feeling/felt through out the day.  The highs/lows, what you experienced.

This is two-fold because you get to reflect back on what the real issues are at hand, and also- you may realize that you have much more to be grateful for than you initially thought.

Consequently you may discover what is simmering beneath the surface, what is truly bothering you.  Once you see it in black and white, you may have a ‘eureka’ moment.  This may just help you to take action which will get you moving forward again.

Get Creative

As I mentioned at the beginning of this post, do something creative!  “But I’m not creative”.  Nonsense-  we are all creative!  Tap into the right brain, the intuitive side of you and feel what it is that you are good at, what you enjoy.

We all have something(s).  Something that is ‘ours’.  Drawing, painting, dancing, ….whatever it is…indulge in it.

Why was I inspired to write this post this morning?  I’m in a funk!  So I’m channeling that energy into writing.  Creative.

Move your body

Seriously, this is such a huge piece of the puzzle.  A good sweat releases endorphins and endorphins make you happy and make you feel good 🙂 .   Even if you don’t break a sweat just get some movement in, get the blood flowing.

It could be as simple as a good stretch session, weight lifting, whatever.  This always busts the blues for me.  I don’t think anyone will say they feel worse after some exercise.

Spend time outdoors, nature is medicine.

Enough said!  Get outside.

Last but not least-spend time with people that make you laugh

Laughter is truly the best medicine.   Call your hilarious friend and go grab a coffee.  Watch a silly movie or show.  Find the humor in everything.  It really does help, and remember:

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