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Getting Your Needs Met

How often do you ask for what you need?

Within all of your relationships- friends, family, spouse, partner, co-workers etc.  Do you speak up or stay quiet to ‘keep the peace’?

Do you allow yourself to be treated in ways that make you feel inferior and/or unsupported?

I have a confession: I am a former people-pleaser.

I grew up always wanting to be a a good person and good people never want to upset anybody, right?  ‘Keep the peace’.

Certainly, asking for what you need or want can make other people uncomfortable so we are taught, subconsciously of course, to keep quiet and suppress.  We take this message into our adult lives and it continues to resurface over and over again.

But….how is that working out for you and is that really healthy?  Of course not…but the subconscious will win every time if we do not put the effort in to discover and recover from these patterns. 

I’d like to share with you a paragraph from a book that years ago, my therapist recommended.  Yes, I have gone to therapy and am a huge advocate for traditional therapy.

Along with Astrology, these two modalities have literally changed my life- therapy and astrology.  Learning your astrology chart is also extremely insightful and therapeutic, read about the benefits of learning your birth chart here. 

As I was saying, some time ago my therapist recommended this book to me, and it has remained on my bookshelf all these years.

Recently, I took it back out and have been incorporating it into my morning meditation.  It is called ‘The Language Of Letting Go” by Melody Beattie.

This book is just one small paragraph daily, with an affirmation all about understanding that is ok to feel all of our emotions and learning to take back, and own our power.

This is the daily affirmation that inspired this post:

Getting Needs Met

Picture yourself walking through a meadow.  There is a path opening before you.  As you walk, you feel hungry.  Look to your left.  There is a fruit tree in full bloom.  Pick what you need.

Steps later,  you notice you’re thirsty.  On your right, there’s a fresh water spring.

When you are tired, a resting place emerges.  When you are lonely, a friend appears to walk with you.  When you get lost, a teacher with a map appears.

Before long, you notice the flow: need and supply; desire and fulfillment.  Maybe, you wonder, someone gave me the need because someone planned to fulfill it.  Maybe I had to feel the need, so I would notice and accept the gift.  Maybe closing my eyes to the desire closes my arms to its fulfillment.

Demand and supply, desire and fulfillment-a continuous cycle unless we break it. All of the necessary supplies have already been planned and provided for this journey.

Today, everything I need shall be supplied to me.

Soul food for thought ✨

Although it is difficult to trust this theory at times, faith is what is needed.  You will not starve, you will not be forgotten about.

What you need will always be provided, and sometimes in mysterious and unforeseen ways.

For anyone interested, here is the link for this book on Amazon

Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!

Peace & Love,


Much Love,


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