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Here We Go, Neptune Goes Retrograde Today! What You Need To Know

Neptune will be retrograde from today, 6/16-11/22/17.  That’s a pretty decent amount of time (half the year) so listen up my friends!

Ah, Neptune- the planet of ‘the mystic’.  Neptune rules the sign of Pisces and is inspirational, spiritual, psychically receptive, highly sensitive- subtle energies, what’s beneath the surface. However, there’s a lot of illusion and confusion with Neptune and it can feel quite still and ‘odd’ under this influence.

neptune-in-piscesImportant to mention: most artists of all kinds and highly sensitive,  psychic people have prominent Neptune in their charts.  Neptune also rules the 12th house in astrology- the hidden house, the karmic house.  Mystical and magical- these people are visionaries and always possess some sort of artistic gift whether physically (i.e drawing, acting, painting) or psychically (tarot, astrology, reiki, spiritual counseling).

When Neptune is moving at it’s typical pace throughout the cosmos, we tend to see more clearly in most areas of life.  While there will be intervals where Neptune and her illusions are felt more strongly, for the most part, we are all functioning under some sort of reality (while it’s direct).  Now, when Neptune begins its retrograde (backwards) trek?  Think again.  We are under the spell beginning today!

We are all more open to the realm of intuition at this time.  Our psychic impressions are likely to be much more intense, dreams more vivid.  The more sensitive and empathic you are, the more you will notice this.  Keep a notebook next to your bed.  Write down all of your dreams during the retrograde period, as you will see in time when you look back, you were having premonitions.  Very common under Neptune Retrograde.  I could write a book on my dreams!

As Neptune rules the mystical side of life, that which cannot necessarily be seen but will always be felt, it is extremely important to pay close attention to all of the ‘signs’ that come across your path.  You will be receiving a lot of spiritual downloads,  a lot of synchronicity.   It’s a time to trust the information you are receiving.  A time to go within.  To Reflect.  To connect with spirit, pray, meditate.  Most importantly, trust the information you receive psychically.  It can and will feel ‘otherworldly’ at this time. Again, those that connect naturally will enjoy this energy as psychic energy is ramped up big-time with Neptune in this position.

During this time as our perceptions are more acute, meditation and grounding are essential so that you can stay rooted in your body and see the big picture- and see it clearly.  It’s extremely important to listen more to the ‘inner-voice’, the guidance of your soul (intuition) during this time.  Talk about what you are feeling, sensing and absorbing because this aspect of Neptune can really give already sensitive souls severe psychic overload.  

Remember heightened sensitivity can be both an asset and a liability!  

*Important to mention: if you feel you cannot talk about what you are experiencing with certain people for fear of judgement, than you are with the wrong people and it’s time to get real with yourself. 

eyeAnother ‘symptom’ (HA 😉 ) of Neptune Retro is heightened paranoia.  When this happens, recognize you are likely over stimulated from the energy you are picking up, and that it’s time to go inward and recharge.  Make sure you are paying close attention to your intuitive downloads and impressions, but make sure you sit with and process everything before making any unfair assumptions!  Just being aware of the energy helps.  I have several hard neptune aspects in my personal chart so I am quite familiar with Neptunian energy, and owning it and working with it?  That is where the real magic begins.  Point being: work with this energy and not against it my friends.  

Neptune has a tendency to keep the rose-colored glasses on.  Don’t get led down a flowery path of promises and whispers- stick to the facts and again trust that inner compass!  It should be easier as our intuition is at an all time high.  During this time it is more natural to pick up that which is subtle and normally illusive.  This can be a gift, as long as you are awake and aware.  Keep your mind and your heart open, but also stay logical as it will be much easier to feel ‘duped’ under the Neptune Retrograde period.

One last thing: avoid all chemicals and addictive substances as much as possible under the Neptune Retrograde period.  Neptune rules addictions and boundary issues of all kinds, so pay close attention to these areas of your life now.  Connect to your spirituality.

As we are talking about boundaries and addictions that might be unhealthy, this also includes people!  If you are around very addictive personalities you are more likely to absorb and pick up their energies as well. Carry around some Black Tourmaline crystal pieces to keep your psychic boundaries protected.  (I always keep tourmaline on me)!  If someone(s) makes you feel bad, dims your light and lowers your energy, that is spirits way of letting you know it is time to pull back!  Listen and trust.  Neptune Retrograde is a bit of a weird time, and all we can really do is listen and trust.  

Stay calm, stay centered and stay true- stay in your light.

Neptune is retrograde from today 6/16 until 11/22/2017.  Almost a full five months-  please know we are all affected by this!

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