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Hand In Hand, The Sun And Pluto Enter Aquarius 1/20

🎶Do-do-do 🎶 it’s the age of Aquarius, the age of Aquariussssss 🎶!

Today 1/20 9:07 AM ET, The Sun departs Capricorn and enters the sign of the future, Aquarius. This is not our ordinary entrance into Aquarius season, my friends!

Powerful Pluto, will waltz into Aquarius at 7:56 PM ET, joining the Sun. Pluto will first align with the Sun earlier on 1/20, at 29° 59′ of Capricorn, highlighting the wrap up of a cycle that has spanned over two decades!

Pluto is the cosmic transformer, the excavator. Pluto strips away the old, the dead life, to bring forth the new.

In the above videos, I go deeper into this Pluto through Aquarius transit, both personally and collectively.

Allow your faith to be larger than your fears and remember, the future is ours to cocreate.

Happy birthday to all of the Aquarian souls!

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Much Love,


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