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Happy Birthday Gemini

5/20 marks the entrance of the Sun into the sign of the dualistic twins, Gemini.

Four the next four-weeks, it’s Gemini’s party!

Happy birthday to all of the Gemini souls, it is your season.

Not only is the Sun in Gemini, but so is Mercury, Venus and the North Node. We also have Mercury in his shadow ready to station retrograde on 5/29.

What makes this Mercury Retrograde even more impactful, is that Mercury is at home in Gemini, where he will go retrograde. Therefore, all of the Mercury Retrograde ‘blunders’ are bound to be even more enhanced as even backwards? Mercury in Gemini has power.

Translation: back up your files, pay attention to everything, and leave a little wiggle room when traveling. Allow space for some mishaps too, take it in stride.

Communication is everything, information is everything.

Pay extra close attention to what is coming into your reality. Mercury and Gemini both, have the potential to be tricky. Awareness is everything, honesty is everything , both conscious and unconscious.

Stay in your truth, stay in your integrity.

Gemini is the third sign of the zodiac and rules the third house, the house of communication.

Ruled by planet Mercury, and under the air element, Gemini’s are factual, intellectual, inquisitive and exciting. This sign tends to be chatty, fun, and interested in everything and everyone.

On the shadow side, Gemini can be too curious, gossipy, scattered, and flighty. But they love to have a good time and be in the know, and typically? It is all in good fun.

The Tarot Card that rules Gemini is ‘The Lovers’.


The Lovers is about choice. Destined and fated chance, but choice is everything.

Interesting as Gemini is two, the twins, dual.

Choosing is paramount here. You cannot have both when The Lovers shows up! Well, you can, but… will it work out for you?

What makes this energy even more potent, is that whatever choice is made? Is soul driven and life changing with a consequence, for better or worse.

We are also entering Eclipse season, with a Total Lunar Eclipse/ Full Moon in Sagittarius on 5/26. We are already feeling the energy of this time, portals of change.

Saturn will station retrograde on 5/23 as well.

Lots happening this month so stay tuned!

Much Love,


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