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Happy Birthday Libra!

Today, 9/23, the Sun leaves the practical and analytical sign of Virgo and enters the sign of balance and diplomacy, Libra.

Happy birthday to all of the Librans of the zodiac!

*If you are a Libra rising (ascendant) or Libra Moon, this applies to you as well, as the Moon and Rising Sign are major parts of who we are at the core.

As this shift occurs, we notice a mellowness taking over, a sense of peace and relaxation.  The Virgo anxiety seems to calm down a bit as Libra steps in and says “relax, we got this, go with the flow”.

The symbol for Libra are the scales of justice.  Under the time of Libra, it is all about finding balance, inside and out.

This is a time where we ponder- ‘what areas of my life could use some more structure, more balance, more truth’?

libra scale

Libra is a cardinal sign under the element of Air.  Cardinal meaning, they are initiators. They take control and are ambitious and determined.

Under the element of Air, everything is perceived mentally for Libras, and they are quite intelligent individuals.


Libra rules the seventh (7th) house in astrology, which is the house of partnerships.  As such, partnerships of all kinds are extremely important to this sign, particularly romantic ones.  Libra loves to be in love.

When it comes to partnerships, it is all about give and take.  Compromise.

This is a time where we wish to get things straight, balanced.

If you give more than you receive, now is the time to re-negotiate.

Libra is the sign of negotiations- ‘I will give you this if you give me that’, ‘I will go there with you if you agree to come here with me’.

If you have been short-changed in any of your relationships, or been taken advantage of, it is time to balance the scales and claim what you deserve.

What we allow is what will continue.

This sign more than any other knows how to keep the peace, and can sometimes do so to their own detriment.


On the positive side, Libras are kind and fair.  This sign is typically very gentle in their communication style and likes to keep the peace.  They also like to engage in jovial communication, preferring to keep things light.

As such, they make pleasant company.

Libra wants everyone to be happy.

Ruled by Venus, the planet of love and money, this sign loves the finer things in life.

Aesthetics are very important to Libra.  Things need to look good and they take great pride in their own appearance.

On the negative side, (and there are negatives to every sign) they can appear vain.

They can try so hard to please others that they don’t ever really say ‘no’.  This results in them getting stressed out.

This sign can be indecisive and appear wishy-washy at times.

Often, they sacrifice their own needs to keep the peace, and can get resentful after the fact.

In the tarot, the Major Arcana card that Libra rules is Number Eleven , XI, Justice


Keyword here is balance, again.

Justice is all about what is just, what is right and what is fair for all.  This does not mean we have to like or even accept rulings- but trusting that karmically, all will be level is what Justice is all about.

As I mentioned above, Libra and Justice are all about balance and karma, and often times I will see this card come up in a session where someone is going through legal issues.

Justice often appears in readings where there is a karmic relationship or situation involved.

In ‘Soul Mate’ readings, Justice will appear to indicate the balancing of karma.

Karma is simply the concept of ‘that which you sow, you shall reap’.  The concept of every action having consequence, both positive and negative.  Past life and present.  

Relationships with others is where most of our karma stems from, and circles back around to.

Once the karma is balanced, the relationship will shift to a different level, or phase out and sever completely.

Under the time of Libra, you may find yourself on a merry-go-round of emotions regarding personal relationships.

Situations repeat themselves, old feelings come back around to haunt you.

People from the past may come back to ‘test’ you.  To see how far you’ve come, what you’ve learned, how much you will or will not, tolerate.

Will you unconsciously repeat the familiar pattern, continuing the karmic dance?  OR will you rise above, heed the lesson, and evolve?

Do not fall back into any old,  negative patterns due to fear.

Did you know I specialize in getting to the heart of the matter regarding karmic connections?

If you feel ‘stuck’ on the karmic wheel with a person or a situation, or just cannot let someone or something go no matter how hard you try, the answer lies within you. There is karma you are working through.  Reach out to me here to schedule a session, and be sure to let me know that this is your primary concern.

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