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Happy Full Moon! A Reading For The Week Ahead Along With A ‘Vlog’ (Video Blog Read) To Go With It!

Happy Sunday And Full Moon Blessings,

FYI I recorded this read first thing this morning, but due to technical difficulties, I’m just getting it out now. 😉

This Full Moon in Capricorn is a big one on the energetic plane.

* Scroll down to blog post from yesterday to see more, but yes, intensity is heightened.

We are edgy, ready for action yet feeling stuck, re-evaluating and really wanting to make changes.  Lots of push/pull and start/stop going on here!

This is due to this Moon being opposite Mars, our most active planet.  The need to transform and shake things up with intensity is due to planet Pluto conjunct this Full Moon.

Stay calm and walk away from arguments with others even if you know you stand to be ‘right’.  Let’s not forget that Chiron, the ‘wounded healer’ in astrology is also retrograde as of 7/1 and will stay there until 12/4, exacerbating all of our deepest wounds.

Keep doing your soul work and you will be fine.  You can only control what goes on within, not outside of you and most certainly not with others!  Do not get roped into any nonsense with others, as people are more likely to take their s^&* out on other people at this time.

Those that do not do their own soul work are always going to throw their crap onto others .  Stay in your light and don’t allow that to happen to you, but more importantly, do not be that person!  Take the opportunity to go within and look at your trigger points rather than pointing your finger elsewhere.

It’s also a great time to transform into that which we know we are capable of.  Focus on your goals and stay determined.  Tell those closest to you how much you care.  Use this Full Moon energy to bestow your good thoughts onto others as well as onto yourself!

Enjoy the read below!  Bright and Happy Full Moon Blessings To All!

I’m off to do readings at a Full Moon gathering for some kick-ass women tonight 🙂

Love & Light,


Much Love,


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