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Happy Summer Solstice, Cancer Season Begins!

Today 6/21 as of 11:54 AM EST we experience the longest day of the year, the Summer Solstice.

Summer has officially begun in the Northern Hemisphere-  what a fabulous season.  The days are brighter, warmer and longer- what’s not to love?

Today the Sun leaves the Air Sign of Gemini and enters the sign of the emotional and sensitive Water sign of the Crab, Cancer.

Happy Birthday to all of the Cancer souls out there ????

When the Sun changes signs, the overall energy changes with it.

When the Sun shifts into Cancer we tend to slow down.

We become more compassionate, introspective.  We also desire to feel at home and at peace no matter where we are.

This is Cancer season.

As Cancer is ruled by the Moon, expect to ‘feel the feels’!

Mars and Mercury are also in Cancer where they are sparring for attention, where they also do not feel so cozy…plus Mercury is slowing down and getting ready to station retrograde on 7/8!  We feel this as edginess and can get triggered easily, so watch the potential for arguments.

Let us not forget that today planet Neptune is beginning his retrograde trek in its watery home sign of Pisces!

We now have Jupiter, Saturn, Pluto and Neptune retrograde, with Mercury about to plow through and steal the show.

Yes, this is a lot and can feel somewhat disruptive at times.

On the positive side Neptune Retrograde will clear things up for us, allowing us to ‘see the forest through the trees’.  There could be some hard truths revealed to us at this time.

As Neptune rules over illusion and deceit we may see ways in which we have been deceived, or we may recognize where we have even deceived ourselves.  The smoke will clear and it can be quite a relief.

On the other side of the Neptunian Fog, our dreams are much more pronounced.  Our intuitive juices are naturally flowing and this is a good thing so be sure to tune in!  Writing is excellent at this time so get those journals out.

Remember that we always have the answers within.

Even though there is a lot going on ‘up there’,  ‘down here’ in our mind, body and souls we are affected and this can be quite liberating even with some potential challenges.

More on this energy, read below

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