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Here’s To Another Trip Around The Sun🌞For Me

Our birthday (Solar Return) is the perfect time to reflect upon our past year, and look forward to our year ahead.

New Years resolutions? PSSHH…nope. The Solar Return is really the time to set your intentions, to create a vision board, to pamper yourself, to harness a ritual of some kind.

If you are new here, welcome!

For those that have been with me for awhile, you know that every Solar Return I have a one word mantra for the year ahead. It always comes to me in the form that it needs to, and at the perfect time.

This year I have two: PATIENCE & DISCERNMENT. These two sentiments have saved me a lot of agita as we say in Italian.

Patience is a virtue, and discernment allows the space for conscious awareness to dictate our path. Without either, we can give ourselves unnecessary work and beat ourselves up for not allowing life to unfold more naturally.

As I write this I’m recognizing something funny. Over these last few months, the Turtle keeps appearing to me in many different forms…slow down. Have Patience. The Turtle also represents perseverance, steadfastness, protection, retreat, healing, tranquility, the Earth, and transformation…this makes much sense to me.

By flow, not force.

Yes, at times we must take the wheel and drive but patience and discernment allow us to do this smoothly, and in the right time.

Two years ago I wrote a post that was enjoyed…’Forty things I’ve learned by Forty’ I am recycling it for this year labeling it ‘The chew at 42’…I’ve added some sentiments, I hope you enjoy.

The Chew At 42

1). always trust GOD or a higher power.  HE will never fail you

2). your beliefs, your religion , your education, your spirituality… none of these make you a good person… it is your heart that does

3) we are all entitled to our own beliefs, and we can agree to disagree

4) resentment and anger are poisonous so do what you can to work through these emotions and release them

5) when someone shows you their true colors, do not try and repaint them

6) being kind costs nothing and it feels good too

7) people can try to duplicate your sauce with the same recipe, but the main ingredient cannot be copied : YOU!

8) you must create boundaries for yourself, it is not selfish but necessary

9) NO is a complete sentence and you do not have to explain yourself

10) always be yourself, originals are way better than a copy

11) your intuition is real, it is your super power and you must trust it

12) when you don’t trust your intuition, your body speaks to you; every physical symptom has an emotional basis

13) smile at people for no reason

14) people can only meet you at their level of perception and readiness, don’t try to force anyone/anything

15) some people will only like/love you based off of what you can do for them…when you tighten up your boundaries, you will find they disappear…let them!

16) trying to change people does not work ,and you will only lose a part of yourself in the process

17) when others treat you poorly it is a reflection of them, not you…do not take it personal (tough one)!

18) verbal abuse is abuse, period

19) your feelings are always valid, always

20) sensitivity is a gift, compassion and empathy are gifts so use them wisely

21) the more open hearted you are, the more your feelings get hurt but thats ok- always be authentic

22) words have power, be mindful of how you speak to others but more importantly how you speak to and of yourself

23) when somebody hurts you, they may act like the victim….let it go, the man upstairs sees everything

24) you cannot heal what you will not feel

25) your soul will constantly remind you when you are unhappy

26) quiet times will reveal truths to you

27) tough times reveal true friends

28) nature is amazing and will shift your mood instantly

29) meditation will change your life

30) water will always heal and cleanse you ,whether you are submerged in it or simply listening to the sound

31) wealth is not material, it is soul deep

32) there will be people that won’t like you and they don’t have to- always stay true to yourself

33) you also do not have to like everyone, but you should always remain respectful

34) believe what people show you, not what they tell you….actions really do speak louder than words and if you pay close attention, you will have the answer

35) when you see something or feel something nice about someone don’t feel weird just say it, people need to hear the good

36) no matter how tough things are, storms don’t last forever

37) random acts of kindness do not need public recognition

38) it is ok to live a life that other people question or do not understand : it is none of their damn business

39) being weird is a good thing, normal is boring

40) anyone that makes you laugh is a keeper

and a few more for good luck….

  • grief has no timetable, regardless of what anyone tells you
  • letting go of relationships we have outgrown is hard, especially when there is still love. But when we do, it creates the space for the right relationships to come in, ones that are more aligned with who we truly are…trust the process
  • I may not always be right, but I will always be real
  • apologize when you are wrong
  • people will judge you no matter what you do, they will say you said/did things that might not be true….don’t worry about it just keep living, eventually the truth comes out
  • there are plenty of people that love and value you, so do not waste your energy on the ones that don’t, regardless of ‘why’
  • just because you are good to people it will not make them good to you
  • recognize that sometimes YOU are the problem, and call yourself out on your own bullshit
  • there will be people that are bothered/resentful/envious of the way others love and respect you….this is not anything about you!  Be yourself, keep shining and don’t dim your light to make others comfortable
  • when you are naturally compassionate, there will be some that want access to your energy all the time….it is not mean to pull away and protect yourself
  • give without expectation and you will not be disappointed
  • honest communication can move mountains….don’t be afraid to open your heart, and your mouth!
  • you were blessed with certain skills and talents, do not be afraid to use them
  • kindness and humbleness are often mistaken for weakness, strongly mistaken
  • strength is quiet while insecurity is loud
  • Never assume!  It will make an ASS out of U and ME

I am sure I can keep going, but I will leave it here.

Thank you all for your continued love and support, it truly means the world to me.

Cheers to another trip around the Sun 🌞🌚✨

Much Love,


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