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Jupiter Meets Neptune…A Once-In-Our Lifetime Event✨

This weeks astrology features a magical and once-in-our lifetime event: the conjunction of Jupiter and Neptune. This conjunction takes place on 4/12/22. *Check where this conjunction is occurring in your astrology chart so you can bask in this goodness.

Jupiter is the planet of expansion, good fortune, faith, benevolence and most important: truth.

Neptune is the planet of what is nebulous, what we cannot see yet we feel on a very deep level. Neptune is often touted as being all about illusion and deceit for this very reason, but is only deceitful when we allow fantasy to cover reality and this is where this conjunction gets juicy.

Jupiter expands and reveals universal truths. Neptune is about unconditional love, fantasy, psychic energy and artistry when in high vibration.

Fun fact: a lot of musicians and artists have prominent Neptune in their charts.

Neptune taps into the invisible, feels the vibrations of everyone and everything. There is much more color in the world of Neptune…this can be beautiful!

Cue the music for Pisces, the sign where this alignment takes place.

Pisces is by far, the most sensitive sign of the zodiac. All planets have rulership over a sign, and some even two. Pisces has two rulers which are …Jupiter and Neptune!

Think of it this way, these two planets are as ‘at one’ as they can be as they meet in their favorite persons (Pisces) home. They love it here! They can kick back and shine their brightest, see and feel the truth, be kind and loving, are more spiritually open …there’s a lot of magic to this transit. *I go into much more detail in the above video.

Most important to remember though is that we must do our part. We must grasp opportunities; we must step up and trust, have faith, follow our intuition and our dreams.

We must listen to the music of Neptune to understand the truth of Jupiter, and this is where the magic can happen.

If you would like to join me for a special reading event featuring this alignment, get all of that info here.

Stay optimistic, stay honest, stay kind and…stay blessed.

Much Love,


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