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Jupiter Moves Into Pisces

Thursday 5/13, Jupiter the gas giant, but more importantly the seeker of truth and expansion, moves from Aquarius into Pisces.

Jupiter will hang out in Pisces until 7/27, then he will return to Aquarius for a bit. Pay close attention to this time period, as Jupiter in Pisces will give you a taste of what’s to come during this juicy transit both personally, and collectively.

Wait, why is this juicy? Well….it’s good news mostly! Jupiter is in his domicile in Pisces, meaning: one of his favorite and most auspicious, abundant positions.

Jupiter is the great benefactor, the expansive planet of good will, faith and even fortune .

Jupiter is exploratory, spiritual, always seeking a higher truth, knowledge and fun. While the sign of Pisces is sensitive, compassionate and spiritual, a water sign all about oneness.

Put together, this is a nice combination.

*For frame of reference: Jupiter will re-enter Pisces on 12/29/21 and will stay in Pisces until 5/10/22, and will then retrograde back into Aquarius until 10/28/22 and will go back into Pisces until 12/20/22.

Collectively, this could be good in many ways.

Our faith is being restored in humanity, we may see the true goodness of our fellow man as we band together to make our current reality a better place.

On the shadow side, we could tend toward escapism and daydreaming. We may over promise out of a place of ultimate good, only to realize we cannot deliver.

As Jupiter also expands everything, let’s remain mindful of our own physical health and the health of others. Remain conscious and aware as none of us are untouchable.

On the personal side, look to your birth chart (whole house systems) to see where this expansion can take place. Take care to trust your gut (also Jupiter, also Pisces), to grow in your own truth.

If you are a :

Aries Rising: Jupiter in Pisces will transit your 12th house, the house of the unconscious. This is a very psychic house by nature, and rules over the unseen, our dreams, secrets and emotions.

Taurus Rising: Jupiter in Pisces will transit your 11th house, the house of groups and associations, friendship.

Gemini Rising: Jupiter in Pisces will transit your 10th house, a very visible part of your chart. Your public image, legacy, career.

Cancer Rising: Jupiter in Pisces will transit your 9th house, Jupiters natural house. This is the house of higher learning, education, spirituality, philosophy and long-distance travel.

Leo Rising: Jupiter in Pisces will transit your 8th house, the house of sex, death, taxes, other’s resources, all that is taboo and the occult.

Virgo Rising: Jupiter in Pisces will transit your 7th house, the house of ‘the other’, relationships, contracts.

Libra Rising: Jupiter in Pisces will transit your 6th house, the house of physical health, habits, daily service.

Scorpio Rising: Jupiter in Pisces will transit your 5th house, the house of pleasure, creativity, children, romance and fun.

Sagittarius Rising: Jupiter in Pisces will transit your 4th house, the home, the foundation. This is a very private and emotional part of our chart. Tender and sentimental…this is our family and our roots.

Capricorn Rising: Jupiter in Pisces will transit your 3rd house, the house of communication, siblings, short distance travel, and our day to day people we come into contact with.

Aquarius Rising: Jupiter in Pisces will transit your 2nd house, the house of finances, self-worth, resources and possessions.

Pisces Rising: Jupiter in Pisces will transit your 1st house, the ascendant. This is the most personal and auspicious place for Jupiter in Pisces right now! You are extra attractive and charismatic! A Magnet for all things good. Enjoy it!

While yes, Guru Jupiter is a positive force for the most part, he can lead us to excess. We still must proceed with caution and not get too overly-optimistic and remain with our feet on the ground….I’m sorry, my Taurus/Virgo placements need me to say that!

Much Love,


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