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Jupiter Is Retrograde- What This Means For Everyone

Retrogrades receive quite a bit of attention, and with good reason.

I won’t get into the Scientific Phenomenon of retrogrades (you can research that if you are interested), but I will give you the energetic/spiritual component.

‘As above so below’.

We do feel it when the planets shift, make no mistake.  Depending on your personal birth chart, some feel certain retrogrades more than others.

Jupiter is now retrograde.

From 4/10-8/11 planet Jupiter will station retrograde in Sagittarius.  Jupiter rules Sagittarius and its transit here making this an extremely beneficial period.

This retrograde is significant, but not in the same way as Mercury in that, Jupiter does not wreak havoc on our nervous systems and electronics.

Jupiter retrograde is impactful but it moves slowly, and over a longer span of time.  This particular retrograde happens once a year, and lasts for four-months.

Like all retrograde periods, this is a time of stepping-back, turning inward for reassessment and reevaluation.

Collectively speaking, this will be a time where we may see many changes in the way international travel (and all airline travel for that matter), is handled.  This may also bring about some spotlight moments surrounding the laws of religion.  Foreign policies could also receive a facelift as Jupiter rules all of the above.

On the individual level, you can expect this transit to bring cathartic ‘aha’ moments and lots of truths to the table.  Anything that we have been suppressing or avoiding altogether, both consciously or unconsciously, well, expect it to come up to the surface to be revealed.

Karmically, we reap what we sow and it is a time for analysis about what is working, what is not and the ‘why’ and ‘how’.

Don’t worry too much though. as Jupiter is the planet that offers us protection above all else.

*Look to your personal birth chart to see which house (area of life) Jupiter will be transiting retrograde through.  This will be the focal point for these next four months for you. 

Even when it is magnifying circumstances we would rather not deal with, this retrograde promises us that if we deal with them honestly, it will go better than expected.

Jupiter is the planet of growth, expansion, abundance.  As Sagittarius’s ruling planet, this is all about philosophy, religion, spirituality and higher learning.

We strive to learn more, to expand our horizons.

This is the largest planet in our solar system, constantly seeking truth and enlightenment.  On the negative side, it can err towards the side of greed and gluttony.

Too much of a good thing can after all, be detrimental.

Above all else, Jupiter wants us to keep the faith and hope alive, to remember that anything is possible when you have the courage to believe.

We have four months to retreat, to work on clearing out toxicity, to sever ties that are no longer serving us.

Positively, (because hey, Jupiter is a beneficial planet after all), we also have four months of working on our personal growth, our faith and our spiritual beliefs.

This is a time to keep an open heart and open mind, to stay in receive mode as we work on ourselves.

Good luck and abundance should prevail at the end of this transit, after some growth and analysis.

Peace & Love,


Much Love,


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