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Astrology- Know Thyself, And Everything Falls Into Place

Happy Sunday!

Tonight at 7:30 EST be sure to tune in to WVOX 1460 AM.  I am hosting my 2nd show, ‘Get Grounded’ with Lisa, where we talk all things mind, body and soul.  Tonight we will be discussing ‘the big three’ in a persons birth chart- The Sun, The Moon and The Ascendant (Rising Sign). The way in which all three are what truly make us who we are!  Special guest Bruce is with me and we will have a little fun with a live chart reading.

*If you are not able to tune in live,  I will be providing the link to past shows under the ‘Media’ tab on the menu bar above on the day following each show.

Tonight we are talking about one of my favorite topics- astrology!   I am quite seasoned on the topic of astrology .  I can easily look at birth charts and tell you all about what’s going on underneath the surface of, well, you!  I not only look at the placements, but I get all sorts of intuitive messages and impressions as I study the patterns and rhythms pulsing through a persons birth chart.  It’s extremely educational & transformational.

This is why I say- ‘Tap your chart, tap your soul’.  It’s quite insightful, accurate, and most of all, enlightening!  To say I’m a bit obsessed with tarot and astrology, the movement and the motion of the planets is an understatement.  Tarot, astrology and numerology are all connected, but right now I’m discussing the planets and how they impact us personally.


Astrology is such a powerful and useful tool when used properly.  All you need is the desire to understand yourself- your patterns, your habits, your emotional stimuli and responses.  The desire to ‘know thyself’  by accepting the positive and not-so-positive parts of who we are- our shadow side.  Then learning how to work with this energy and not against it.

Integrating all parts of who we truly are and are meant to be at the soul level.  That’s the beauty of learning your placements.

When you truly know yourself, you can navigate the world around you and learn to see things through a different lens.  It’s not always easy to shine a flashlight on the parts of us that might not be the best, or challenges as I like to call them.  We’ve all got’em- our proverbial strengths and weaknesses.  But these are what make us shine, make us unique, and actually help us to grow and tap into our true potential- in every area of our lives. 

So why have your birth chart done?  First off, I refer to the birth chart of a person as a blueprint of their soul.

In astrology, the technical term for the birth chart of a person is a ‘natal chart.’  Your chart is cast at the exact moment you take your first breath and this is why an accurate birth time is so important in personal astrology.

It is said, and it is my belief, that when you incarnate here (meaning, come back around again in simple terms),  you promise to show up and complete certain tasks, encounter repetitive circumstances that challenge you, and engage with certain souls along your journey.  You’ve likely done these ‘things’ before and did not achieve the results that you were destined for- so you’ve come here again to set them straight, clear your karma and get it right.  Do we always fulfill this?  Absolutely not, which is why some of us are ‘older souls’ than others.  Am I sounding to ‘woo woo’ here? 😉

In the words of one of my favorite author/astrologers, Stephen Arroyo:

We are here to learn lessons and our birth chart tells us what our lessons are, what type of energy we possess in the first place, and how, by facing up to the challenges presented to us in life, spiritual growth will ensue.  The birth chart is a ‘tool’ to guide us through our life.  By understanding our basic make up, we can learn to make the most out of our positive points and try to improve on our weaker ones.

One last thing I’d like to mention-these charts are also very helpful when looking in relation to important personal connections in our lives as well.  The people we encounter, our family in particular, always have some karma attached or we would not have chose to be with them in this lifetime!  Very karmic.  Even the people that hurt you along the way , break your heart and your trust- this is all part of the plan.  They are meant to heal you ultimately by forcing you to feel pain.

Think about how, who and where you have learned the most valuable lessons, even through the painful experiences .  This is where we would look at the Synastry (or comparison) between one persons chart and another to identify the energies at play between two people, the ingredients of both and what the flavor is when combined.  This does not always have to be romantic!

I have looked at these kinds of charts for friendships, family and colleagues of a person. This is where it becomes so valuable in our relationships with others once we learn our own triggers and how to work with them.

Think of  those people in your life that you meet once and you just ‘click’.  It’s like ‘whoa, I like this person, they get me’.  They usually feel the same- you’ve likely just met someone from a past life!  Your soul always remembers.

It’s a pretty cool and amazing feeling, and this ranges from friendships, family, and to romantic connections.  Teachers, pets, neighbors, relatives, any of these can and usually are soul mates or a part of your ‘soul family’.  Meaning- you’ve met each other before and depending on the circumstance of your last go round together, the karma now is ether very positive and the relationship is free flowing, or well, not so great and the connection feels a bit heavy and difficult to navigate.

If you feel really happy around someone and connected, this is your soul telling you that this is a positive connection for you, and it is beneficial for you to engage with them.  If you feel angry, negative and drained around someone- then your soul is telling you that this may not be the healthiest connection for you yet it will still be beneficial to engage with them- sparingly.

In both instances, there are lessons here especially when the negative ones are people we have to interact with with not much choice.

Make no mistake: these are in your face for a reason!  Digest that the next time ‘Bob’ the office clown sets you off, or ‘Uncle Tom’ starts antagonizing you with jabs at family dinner.

React but don’t respond.  Observe but don’t absorb.  What are you feeling in those moments?  Why are they triggering you?  There’s answers in there.

It’s important to mention that no matter the energy, no matter what the chart shows- free will will trump the stars most times.  Destiny will play its part, the universe will bring opportunities and challenges- but it is ultimately up to you what you make of these situations, or don’t for that matter.

While Astrology is definitely a Science to some degree, it is really more in the realm of the Metaphysical-that which cannot necessarily be seen but it is felt.   It’s all energy.

‘As Above So Below’

We are also in the mist of an intense roller coaster of energy, which leads right up to the Full Moon on Thursday 6/9- maintain your composure in the face of chaos!  More about that later this week….

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