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Later March Energies🌷Aries Season Begins, A New Chapter Is Upon Us

Here we are almost to the end of March, and we are moving full steam ahead! The next few weeks contain powerful energies, so let’s talk about it.

Monday March 20th at approximately 5:24 PM ET, the Sun moves into the fire sign of Aries…Happy Birthday Aries!

Not only is it the entrance of Aries season, but it is also the Spring Equinox here in the Northern Hemisphere.

Spring has sprung and not only does this season bring new life to nature, it brings about new life to us, to our souls.

Aries season and The Spring Equinox promise new beginnings. The season of Spring is a strong rebirth energy on all levels- mind, body, spirit.

As the first sign of the zodiac, Aries starts the Astrological New Year. The Sun has started its fresh trek through all the signs, once again.

Around this powerful time check in with yourself, check in with your soul, and take inventory. This time of year is quite cathartic when you think about it at a deeper level.

Aries is a cardinal fire sign meaning: they take action and initiative. They are bold and not afraid to go after what they want.

Represented by the Ram, Aries is a force and is all about the expression of the authentic self.

Aries teaches us that we must muster up the strength, courage & energy to implement changes in our reality. To recognize that we truly are our own creator…well co creator, as spirit always has a hand in our lives.

Furthering these energies of new beginnings, we have a powerful Aries New Moon on 3/21.

This New Moon takes place at 0° 49′ of Aries and is strongly connected to what we truly envision for ourselves, our future.

If you feel so inclined, this is an excellent energy for a manifestation ritual, a vision board. This is the perfect time to set your sights higher, to get ready to close one chapter of your story and begin to write the next chapter.

For some, this will be the beginning of a whole new book!

Remember: you are meant for this, it’s time, you are ready. We are here to grow, to evolve, to let go and transform.

As we are all entering a new phase of life, be sure to take care of your physical, emotional and spiritual body. These energies are powerful.

The Spring Equinox passage always pull a lot of energy both to and from our liver. This is why we may experience strong physical symptoms around March & April such as digestive disturbances, lower back pain, itchy skin and breakouts just to name a view. We can even struggle with feelings of sluggishness. *While I am not a medical professional, I have been studying metaphysics and energy for decades. Note that this is not medical advice, and you always want to get yourself checked out by a medical professional if you are experiencing unusual symptoms.

Having said that, just know that purge and release energies are strong; our bodies are working overtime to rid themselves of stored trauma and toxicity.

Moving through the rest of the month, on March 23rd powerful Pluto will enter Aquarius. Pluto’s shift marks the dawn of a brand new era both collectively and personally. *To go into much more detail on Pluto, Saturn and the major shifts of 2023, check out my yearly forecast here. April- June is about to be dropped!

March 25th Mars will finally leave the sign of Gemini, and enter Cancer. This will affect all of our energy levels and mental faculties. Positively speaking, we may start to feel less scattered and more decisive.

With the change of Mars, this enhances our sense of adventure and freedom. We look forward to the future. Our focus shifts onto expanding our horizons, getting out of our comfort zones.

Be sure to check out my info on the shift of Saturn into Pisces, what this means for all of us.

Yes, there is a lot going on, the energies are intense but they are taking us where we need to go. Take good care of your body and soul.

Much Love,


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