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Leap And The Net (Or Branch) Will Appear

‘Leap and the net will appear’.

This is a quote that we all know and have heard often.

We see it plastered on magnets and repeated time and time again, however, how many times have you been afraid to leap?

How often have you felt stuck, immobolized by fear?  I will bet plenty (raising my hand here)!.

Perhaps you do not trust in the unseen, the divine.

Your faith may be lacking, you might not trust yourself to make the ‘right’ decision.

The thing is, there is no such thing as a mistake….but consequences are a different story.

Sometimes we need those consequences to learn a significant lesson about ourself and/or about others and without falling?  We would not have learned a valuable lesson.

There are many reasons we may choose not to leap.

Despite the fires burning in our soul , the ones that are raging for us to do that very thing that scares us the most….leap… sometimes we just cannot.

You see, that’s the thing about life.

There are no guarantees, just a bunch of risks that might just end up bringing rewards.

On the flip side, we could also end up with missed chances that we did not take and then the constant ‘what if’s’ that result from that (which are way worse, in my humble opinion as the ‘what ifs’ can really eat us up from the inside out)!

‘Leap and the branch will appear’.

This morning as I am typing this, I am sitting outside.

I notice a squirrel right at the edge of the roof, looking down.

I immediately get irritated because they usually go in my bird feeder and knock the tray down, but that’s a whole’nother topic.  Yes, I am the crazy bird feeder lady that chases squirrels away.

Back to the squirrel…I watch it as it teeters at the edge of the roof for a bit, inching his way closer and closer to the edge, ever so slowly.

After what might have been 3-4 minutes- the squirrel suddenly leaps through the air (quite far, it was impressive) and catches a tree branch which is now swinging uncontrollably as the squirrel clutches for dear life.

I laughed watching the branch swinging back and forth ( I am amused easily what can I say).

I realized that Mr. Squirrel wanted in the neighbors bird feeder and my roof was the best way to get there.

It wasn’t easy, but he figured it out.

Where there’s a will there is a way.

This may sound silly, but it prompted this post as I sat here pondering specific things…..the universe is funny like that, you just need to be open and the messages come to you.

When you are present, when you are still, you can find a message in every situation.

The squirrel did not have a guarantee, yet he jumped and he succeeded.  Had he fallen?  I’m sure there was a plan B in squirrel land!

Perhaps we can take a lesson from Mr. Squirrel, eh?

Much Love,


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