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Leo Season Begins

Today 7/22 the Sun shifts from the emotional and introspective water sign of Cancer into the proud, courageous and flamboyant sign of the heart, Leo.

Happy Birthday to all of the Leos out there!

The energy becomes more light-hearted, more fun loving and boy do we need it after these past few weeks!

Leo is the 2nd fixed sign of the zodiac after Taurus.  Fixed meaning level, immovable at times, and slow to change.  Fixed signs are determined and keep things moving.  *The other fixed signs are Scorpio and Aquarius.

This sign is ruled by the Sun and is under the element of Fire meaning active, warm, extroverted and bright.  But sometimes if you get too close, you can get a sunburn 😉

The best side of Leo is lively, courageous, loyal, supportive and motivated when it is for a cause they believe in.

People born under this sign are typically bright and great conversationalists.  They love to be in the spotlight somehow and can be quite entertaining.

The shadow side of Leo is that they can be arrogant (possibly more so than any other sign) , greedy, selfish, they can have this need to always be right and display quite the reluctance to admit any wrong-doings.

Most of the time , Leo souls typically have hearts of gold at the core and truly just desire to be respected at the end of the day.

They like to feel loved and adored, and in turn they treat the ones they care for the same way.

The tarot card that represents this sign is number 8, Strength

This is quite literal as Leos are strong.

This Strength can be a quiet strength but it is both of the mind and the body. They are represented by the Lion, after all. 

Numbers are also spiritually symbolic.  As this card is an ‘8’, in numerology this represents karmic justice i.e., reaping what you sow for both better or worse.

As the number of ‘karmic equalizing’, this means they can create just as simply as they can destroy.  Just like the Lion.

*Note the woman trying to tame the Lion in the card above- through quiet force she has him acting compliant but at the slightest provocation, this Lion may attack.

Leo knows that quiet force is the way to get to the finish line, and this Leo season will be the same way.

This is also the number of abundance and success.

Beginning this week and pretty much all of August, we have a ‘breath of fresh air’ when it comes to the energy.  We will begin to feel more optimistic and joyful as things begin to lighten up astrologically.

These next few weeks can feel quite nice, a lot more easy going.  It’s about time after all of the soggy, emotional Cancer energy we have just come off of!

As Leo rules the heart, this is the time to truly go within and feel what speaks to you.

What reignites your heart and gets your fires burning?  Whatever that is, you need more of it in your life.

Get creative, use this energy to its advantage as it can feel very motivating and uplifting.

✌️ & ????


Much Love,


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