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It’s Leo Season! Today, The Sun Moves Into Leo..

Happy Birthday to our warm and vibrant Lions of the Zodiac, our Leos!

Today, the Sun moves from homey and sensitive Cancer right into the fun and courageous sign of Leo.

The Sun loves to be in Leo,  as it is this zodiac signs natural ruler.

We feel ready for some action, some fun under this influence.  We should all be feeling more assertive, more ready to get out there and play under Leo.  If you are normally an introverted person, you may find yourself wanting to get out more during Leo time!  The next few weeks are also big about the soul.


Over the next few weeks we will be diving deeper into what it is that our soul truly desires.

leoLeo falls under the element of  fire (our other fire signs are Aries and Sagitarrius).

Warm, passionate and action orientated- this sign knows what it wants and will go after it feverishly!  Leo desires to be ‘King of The Mountain’ one way or the other, and they sure have the see-through to get there!

Anything related to heat and action, well, that’s our Leo!  Leo is also a fixed sign-making them proud, stubborn and hard-willed.


At their most positive, Leo’s are confident, ambitious, generous, loyal and encouraging. They are the great motivators of the zodiac.

Need to get that project started?  Call your Leo friend!  They can rally people up with their zest and charisma. They will never shy away from completing their creative projects, and they love a good party!

At their most negative, they can be pretentious, domineering, arrogant, melodramatic and stubborn.  My way or the highway.  This can be one of the more vain signs of the zodiac.  They can be too forceful and fiesty with others at times.  They have a way with words and are very blunt.

They say what they mean and mean what they say!  Leos are typically honest and loyal people, but sometimes their honesty can unknowingly hurt others.

                                In the Tarot, Leo’s card is number, Eight (8), Strength


Is this a surprise?  Leos are strong.  We even see a Lion depicted on the front of this card.  The woman on the card is asserting her power, but ironically, she does so with grace and with gentle force.  This is controlled strength at its finest, a trait that many Leos have mastered.

Be like our Leos at this time.  Be fierce, be strong and don’t be afraid to take chances! Embrace opportunities for change even when uncomfortable.

Leo time is typically vacation time for a lot of the country, so if you can’t take a vacation, at least try and take a little siesta.  Even a stay-cation.  But be sure to get out there , have some fun, and honor your creative juices.

Leo time is a powerful time filled with magic and energy.

As Mercury and Mars are also in Leo, this is a great time to get moving and to channel a lot of this fire energy into your creative projects and physical activity.  This is a time of great innovation and initiative, so use this energy wisely!

*Tomorrow, the Moon follows suite and moves into Leo as well, bringing us the gift of magic and manifestation with a bright New Moon.  This New Moon carries with it a lot of fire and passion, as it sits right with Mars (our most active planet of action, creativity and passion) and Uranus (our planet of shock, unexpected change, electricity and shake-ups).

So what does this mean?  Expect the unexpected under this influence, and yes, this can be quite  positive as long as you remain honest and open!  More about the New Moon tomorrow….

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