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Live Course: Learn To Read Tarot From The Soul; The Art Of Intuitive Tarot

Intuitive Tarot Course

Recognize and expand upon your natural intuitive abilities….

Learn the origin and meanings of all 78 Tarot Cards….

Trust your intuition while interpreting Tarot….

Become a confident channel for the cards…..and more!

March 14- May 2, 2021

(New Moon -New Moon)

8 Weeks, Each Sunday 12PM EST-2PM EST ( may go a little over the time)

Learn to read Tarot…from the soul!

What separates a ‘meh’ Tarot Reading from one that you remember in awe , and often refer back to?  One that is not only ‘technical’, but intuitive.

Have you ever had a Tarot reading where it felt like someone were reflecting your soul back to you?  THIS is the kind of Tarot reading you should want to give….and receive!

In this course that I am facilitating, you will learn to do just that.

I have been an avid lover, student, reader and teacher of the Tarot for many years.

Not only will we go over each and every card, but we will also learn the numerology and Astrology behind the cards (this helps TREMENDOUSLY when giving a reading, especially with timing techniques)!

In this course , you will learn the power of ritual. Your natural intuitive abilities will become more obvious and expansive, and we will practice with each other.

Whether you are familiar with the Tarot or brand new to it, this course is for all levels.

This course will be taught LIVE each Sunday, Via Zoom.

There will also be pop up “Q & A’s” and practice sessions throughout the course, if you would like to attend.

If you cannot attend a class, I’ve got you covered as all classes will be recorded and sent to you each week.

$333 is your one-time investment fee

Remember, you will have this course forever to refer back to!

You must purchase your own deck (unless you have the Rider-Waite deck already)

We will be using the traditional Rider Waite Tarot Deck

Link to deck here must have it before we begin class on 3/14 so don’t wait if you want in!

Angela Says:

As a client of Lisa’s, and naturally a curious person, I have been very drawn to Tarot over the last few years. As soon as I learned that Lisa was facilitating a Tarot Workshop, I was ready to sign up. The workshop itself is intimate and informative. Lisa teaches the meanings of each card in an effortless and humorous tone. Her stories are the best! The resources alone are worth the fee. You don’t have to want to read Tarot professionally to take the workshop. If you are curious or if you want to pursue professionally, the workshop is a great start! I learned SO much and even started to read slowly for myself! Don’t hesitate, sign up!

Alexa Says:

Being a repeat client of Lisa’s I was thrilled to take part in her Tarot Workshop. I’ve always clicked well with her but the way she broke down the educational aspect of tarot and educated me was fantastic. I still to this day read daily for myself and keep close all my notes I took during her workshop! If you have any desire or curiosity on this I would absolutely recommend Lisa’s workshop! 

Hope to see you in class on 3/14 ❤️

Much Love,


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