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Lunar Eclipse ๐ŸŒ• Full Moon

Monday May 16 (or 15th depending on your location in the world) 12:14 AM EST we experience a Total Lunar Eclipse in the emotionally intense water sign of Scorpio.

This is also a Blood Moon Lunar Eclipse, and is rare & potent. Blood Moons occur at the time of the Lunar Eclipse due to the reddish hue that the Moon takes on.

Technically speaking, a Total Lunar Eclipse happens when the Earth passes directly between the sun and the moon. The Earth’s shadow is cast upon the moon, and the natural moonlight is filtered out of the light hitting the moon. Red light can still make it through and be cast upon the moon, hence the term ‘Blood Moon’.

Spiritually speaking, this is a potent time where we will all have to sift through a barrage of emotion on every level. Emotionally, physically, spiritually we are being called inward to reflect upon what comes up for us collectively, but more important, individually.

A Total Lunar Eclipse is essentially a super-charged Full Moon, a Full Moon on steroids.

In and of themselves, Full Moons are a time of culmination. A build up of strong energy, increased awareness, intuition and emotion. Also a time of contemplation and strong release.

Scorpio is the sign of this Full Moon and the Moon struggles in Scorpio, as it is in its Fall. Emotions are extremely deep & intense here, but most certainly have the power to be cathartic and cleansing…but we must lean in and feel our way through the darkness to get to the light.

This Eclipse is attached to the South Node, and this is all about decrease and release.

Relationships, projects, situations, psychological behaviors that are holding us back…all being highlighted around these times.

This Eclipse is very strongly attached to soul retrieval, elimination, spiritual liberation.

Scorpio energy asks us to go deep, to feel, to transform, to die to be reborn again (metaphorically).

What and where is it necessary for you to let go? What is not serving your souls’ evolution any longer?

Remember: Eclipse energy is a time period of months, not just now! Think back to November 18 2021 when we had the Lunar Eclipse/Full Moon. What was going on for you? Also look back a few weeks to the 4/30/22 Solar Eclipse. Connect the lights here; I’m sure you will recognize a theme, regardless of how subtle.

While I am not a fan of working too much with Eclipse energy, journaling is always helpful.

If you work with crystals, Sunstone (black or orange) is a great one for empowerment around this highly charged and powerful energy…also, Hematite for grounding.

Sending you light and peace.

Much Love,


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