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Lunar Eclipse & The Remainder Of May πŸŒ•βœ¨β˜€οΈ Messages For Each Sign

If you have not checked out the full reading for this Lunar Eclipse, please see the post below this one. For these messages be sure to follow your rising sign as well, if you know it. Enjoy!

Aries Sun/Rising: you are feeling way more introverted than what is normal for you. These last few weeks you may have been struggling to put your best face forward out in the world. Meanwhile, behind the scenes you have been slaying some emotional demons, some ghosts from the past. Many of you have been processing the ending of a significant relationship, a permanent ending that might have even included a physical death. Remember to keep the faith and utilize support from the invisible realms, the spirit world, the unconscious. Have faith, and do not be afraid to ask for emotional help at this time. Funneling these intense energies into your work or a specific project can be your saving grace. Now with Jupiter in your sign, some healthy optimism comes back.

Taurus Sun/Rising: you are being asked to take a step back and take a birds-eye view of a significant relationship in your current reality. No, this is not a friend or family member, this is more like a lover or a close colleague, perhaps even a business partner. This is about a relationship that takes up quite a bit of space in your psyche and in your heart. This is no longer healthy for you Taurus, and you know it. Something needs to be released here, and it is becoming more and more uncomfortable and obvious. The dynamics are not serving you any longer, and change, your nemesis, is calling you. This is healthy change Taurus, and it’s necessary for your souls evolution. Uranus in your sign can help you but you must be willing to consciously accept this necessary ending. Prayer, faith, and trust in a higher-power will help you navigate the way forward. What you are seeking, is seeking you at every level but first? You must let go.

Gemini Sun/Rising: your health is your wealth. This time period is asking you to reevaluate the ways in which you expend your physical energy. If you do not have some form of meditative practice, a slow moving practice that helps you get out of your mind and into your body, your health can suffer these next few weeks. With the Sun shifting into your sign and Mercury (your ruler) retrograde, it would be wise for you to be sure to get out into the sunshine, the fresh air. Up your Vitamin C & D, and oh yeah, CALM DOWN! Your nervous tension is high. Yes, there is a lot that needs to be done, but all in due time. Many of you are in flux right now, either you have moved physical homes, or your work environment has shifted. Your daily habits & routines are changing and this is good, it’s time and as a Gemini, variety serves you. Don’t be afraid to share your thoughts with the world! For some of our Geminis, writing projects and broadcasting are calling your name…step out into the spotlight as you have much wisdom to share. Release the insecurities that are holding you back.

Cancer Sun/Rising: are you ready for some fun? Always the nurturer, always the ‘Mom’ irregardless of gender, you are putting yourself as numero uno for once and it’s about time! Your sexual and creative energies are fired up on all cylinders. For the single crabs, these next few weeks are looking great for new romance, some fun & pleasurable experiences but there is one caveat: lighten up! Not every relationship need turn into a formal contract. If you are working on home decorating, a screenplay, a romance novel…any creative projects? You will find them to flow quite smoothly. Consequently, you may have to release a project or relationship that just isn’t flowing smoothly any longer, and this is ok as it will only create the space for the good and new to enter. Be sure to infuse color into everything you are working on, Cancer. Children may be a source of comfort for you, or discomfort at this time. If there are any behavioral problems with children in your life, they are more apt to open up if you ask the right questions. Remember: tenderness is key, and you are a tender soul.

Leo Sun/Rising: you may be feeling more insecure than normal, wanting to be left alone while you process some hearty emotions. Past childhood experiences may be surfacing in your conscious around these times. Honor where you are emotionally, physically, spiritually. For many of you, there is some sort of loss or issue concerning a parent, or parents. Perhaps you are being faced with the dilemma of where a parent will live moving forward. Perhaps you are the one figuring out where you would like to live, but whichever way this moves for you, it brings you back around to the same thoughts. Am I ok? Yes, you are ok but this is not an easy time for most of you. Forgiveness features strongly here. Forgiveness of self, of others, and of self if you are having difficulty forgiving a family member or close loved one. Your feelings are valid, and it’s important you work through them. At the same time, you may finally be closing the door on that toxic friendship…aren’t you tired of one-sided relationships? Don’t worry, as your passion and spark will come back Leo!

Virgo Sun/Rising: you may find yourself more communicative than normal Virgo. Issues with a sibling or close friend/cousin are coming to a boil around this time and you are being asked to use this opportunity to move into the conflict in a different way. Sort through it, rather than cutting the person/people out. You are very understanding of others’ motives at this time, seeing things quite clearly. Any type of involvement you have around the neighborhood , your community, especially if it has to do with fundraising or charity will go exceptionally well and bring you new and influential contacts. You are feeling more light-hearted and free over these next few weeks, so enjoy it! Everything need not always follow a schedule, unless you are scheduling fun.

Libra Sun/Rising: what is it worth to you, Libra? Is that relationship really making you feel better about yourself OR does it consistently have you questioning your value, your self-worth? Remember that any good relationship is an equal give and take and you do not always have to be the one giving just to keep the peace! If you are feeling depleted emotionally, this is why. Take a step back and reassess. This is also a good time to look at and pay closer attention to your personal finances. Are you spending frivolously? If so, it’s a time to tighter the pursestrings as unwise investments are possible if you are not careful. Watch who you are partnering with as well when it comes to business. Not everyone has your best interests at heart. Spend time with the ones that make you laugh and lift you up.

Scorpio Sun/Rising: WOOOO this energy, Scorpio! You are TRANSFORMING inside and out, and this is a good thing although the process can and likely will feel, utterly painful at times. Who and what do you need to let go of? Is it a relationship? A behavior? Whatever it is, it has become painstakingly obvious that the time has arrived to do the deep soul work. You cannot avoid the unavoidable. Your relationships are under the microscope Scorpio. Relationship with others, but most important your relationship to self. For many of you, there are patterns in your relationships that you have become hyper-sensitive to, very aware of. You have recognized what has not worked for you , and letting go of toxic behaviors are a must. Toxic relationships, more importantly, have to go as well. Remember to hold yourself in love as you honor your part in any unhealthy dynamics, Scorpio. This is a sign of tremendous maturity, no matter your age. Let go with grace and rise again like the Phoenix that you are !

Sagittarius Sun/Rising: are your dreams crazy vivid? Intuition fired up and wild? You are not losing your mind, you are stepping aside and allowing your higher guidance to come through. This is beautiful for you, Sagittarius. These last two years have been intense for you as The South Node was in your sign, forcing you to ‘let go and grow’. Now you are the tail end of this cycle, and are about to set the stage for the next nineteen years! Not to put any pressure on you Sag, but this really is the time to truly let go of any psychological junk you are still carrying around in your spiritual backpack. Maternal energy features strongly for you these next few weeks, so if Mom is in this physical world or not, be sure to talk to her and reconcile any hurt feelings that may still exist between you two. You will receive the messages through your dream space that will help you to release peacefully, for good.

Capricorn Sun/Rising: you know that friend that you have been playing therapist to? Well it’s time to pass the torch as it has been an ankle weight on you, Capricorn. Besides, they are not listening to you anyway and nothing frustrates you more! Travel is presenting itself to you, likely in the form of business. You are being asked to present in front of the group, and for some of you this is quite frightening. Do not leave this to the last minute Capricorn…practice! If you have been working on a product you want to present, now is the time. You have something that the world is in dire need of, and you need to get it out there whether it’s physical, or in the form of writing. Steady yourself, and allow yourself to rely on those supportive friends and allies as you traverse any family issues that might come up and cause you discomfort. As your successes keep rolling in, except some ‘blasts from the past’ to try and come back as well. You decide if these contacts are worth rekindling. Saturn is your ruling planet Capricorn, and is all about Karma so take your time when it comes to letting people back in. Doors often close for good reason!

Aquarius Sun/Rising: it’s your time to shine out in the world, but first? You must let go of that project or endeavor that has been eating up way too much of your time over these last few years. By this point, you should have a pretty clear picture of who is supporting you, and what is needed to get that new project off the ground. You have many good resources available to you Aquarius, you just need to get out of your own way. Many of you have had a rough go emotionally these last few months, and it is still weighing on your mind and heart. Focusing on the pain will only keep you there. Shift the focus onto how much you have healed, how far you have come. Open up your heart and your home to that friend that keeps trying, there is no ulterior motive here. In fact, they can help elevate your mood and your position out in the world, in the community. You are the butterfly, emerging from the chrysalis.

Pisces Sun/Rising: expansion, Dear Pisces! You are on the move mind, body, spirit. Lucky Jupiter has spent a lot of time in your home this last year (as have other planets) gracing you with a whole’lotta new experiences. A new zest for life, renewed pep in your step has likely occurred for you as well. Now it is time to make it all a reality. Do you want to move across country? Have you completely shifted your beliefs? Has your higher mind been insanely activated? Good, you are right on target! For many of you, it is time to take what you have learned and go out and teach. Perhaps it is time to get that formal certification, or to put to good use the ones you already have. Spiritual healing features strongly for you, whether you are the one administering it or receiving it, this is quite a positive time for you to shine your light out in the world.

Much Love,


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